Buy a new Mac its not always easyMany times we try to get the most out of our computers and try to take good care of them and maintain them to prolong their life and use.

If you want to breathe new life into your Mac before thinking about changing it You can follow the following tips.

Think about your mac

It is important to give value to the Mac, beyond the economic or hardware aspect that you must value the computer and identify what is good or bad for it. You have to recognize the limitations and think about the use that will be given, always trying to secure it and direct it to the tasks or activities for which it was purchased. It is good to take this into account before choosing the model and features from the catalog of Apple computers.

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Cleaning and rest

Like all everyday devices it is common for the Mac to wear outnot only outside, but also inside. That is why it is important to treat it with cleaners that do not affect any of its components, but help get rid of dust.

Software cleaning also exists it is important to have a memory and hard drive cleaner that help reduce the amount of work the Mac does for processes and tasks. In the Mac App Store we can find apps that help with this, normally they are paid, but it’s a cost that needs to be done if you want to speed up performance.

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You also need to let the Mac rest, for this you need to turn it off from time to time. While it is true that keeping it on speeds up productivity, it also directly affects the terminal as the cache memory becomes full with constant saving work.

Use, applications and safety

As soon as the user starts to notice a decrease in the performance of their computer, it is the perfect time to start. analyze the use you gave. With that comes the evaluation of the applications and files that we keep on our Mac.

Checking the minimum requirements for an application is essential to avoid overloading the Mac. Although we really wanted a program it is essential to know what our computer can supportbecause certain applications or certain video games require more RAM, space on the hard disk and even specific graphics cards.

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Removing unnecessary apps and files will improve performance, because the processes will decrease because many applications are running in the background and the cache will not run continuously. Also, with deleted files it will free up hard drive space, one less problem.

Security is a very important aspect of streamlining a Mac with years of use. While macOS has the ability to detect and notify us of unsafe sites or installations that can harm your computer, the user decides on the permissions and actions granted. In the settings, you can find out which apps have access to your microphone and camera.

Examine the applications that require more resources and overload the system with the Activity monitor included in macOS It is essential for detecting malware or hoarding and dealing with the battery.

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Activity monitor

Components: replacements and updates.

Finally, the user must evaluate the functioning of the components of his Mac. How? ‘Or’ What? ‘Or what? Identify the main problem where your computer stopped being so productive.

Check the Mac and find missing or broken parts It may help a bit, replacing some of them is also a good operation.

Replacing old batteries or upgrading RAM is a great alternative to revitalize an old Mac. Old batteries can damage other internal components, in addition to affecting its operation and duration of use.

On the other hand, RAM is practically one of the aspects that contributes the most to the functioning of the computer. These concentrate all the data and actions that it receives from the processor and its capacity offers a longer duration.

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If you plan to change or update them, you must first find out if your Mac model is suitable to perform the memory update procedure. Apple provides information to customers on MacBook and iMac.

Battery replacement must be directly with a technician from the companyYou can do this by scheduling an appointment and requesting costs directly with Apple Support. You can know the status of your battery directly from the Mac.

Another replacement can be the traditional hard drive that some Mac computers may still have. Hard drives (HDD) are often slow when writing and backing up data. To do this, replace the hard drive with a hard drive (SDD) Dramatically increase speed and reduce power consumption of Mac.

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Another of the details that you need to take into account that should be your first step is update macOS operating system, all of its applications and a last resort which would be to install macOS from scratch.

Everybody These tips could help you improve the performance of your used Mac And if it doesn’t hit 100% of its original level, it might help save you a bit more time planning to buy a new one.

Source: Techradar