Tired of Google Maps? 6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps.

We have no doubt: Apple Maps have improved remarkably in recent times, especially in countries like the United States or Spain. We are sure that many users have thought about making the leap to this option, but they probably doubt that Apple’s alternative can replace other applications that have been in the sector for many years, such as Google Maps. In this article we will tell you which are the most striking functions of this application so that you can evaluate for yourself to what extent it is worth it. In addition, we include a brief reflection in which we analyze if it really is up to the competition or not.

Note: This guide has been written based on the Spanish version of Apple Maps. Some of the features shown here may not be available in other markets. If this is the case in your case, please tell us in the comments what differences you have found between the tricks that we mention here and the version in your country.

Tired of Google Maps?  6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps

The best tricks to master Apple Maps

The following sections include some of the best tricks to get the most out of Apple Maps.

Explore the city with Panoramic View

One of the most striking features of Google Maps is Street View. You should know that Apple Maps now allows you to explore the environment in one direction and navigate a street as if you were on foot. This function, called Panoramic View, can come in very handy to get to know other places and locate businesses or other points of interest. In any case, accessing this function is very easy:

Tired of Google Maps?  6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps
  • Click on a specific address to add a pin.
  • If the service has a view at street level, a box will appear on the left side of the screen with the available images.
  • Tap on it to see them full screen.
  • Remember that you can move 360 ​​degrees through the areas where Panoramic View is available. You can also go back and forth by double-clicking on a specific point on the image. After making some comparisons, at certain points on the map the Panoramic View version offers more up-to-date content than other apps, such as Google Maps.

    Take advantage of Apple Maps guides

    Some well-known cities have tourist guides created by experts that allow you to know their most emblematic points. At the moment, the list of guides available is somewhat limited, but they can come in very handy if you are going to visit cities like these:

    Tired of Google Maps?  6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps
    • London.
    • Atlanta.
    • Austin.
    • Boston.
    • Chicago.
    • Denver
    • Houston.
    • Las Vegas.
    • The Angels.
    • Miami.
    • Nashville.
    • New York.
    • Philadelphia.
    • San Francisco.
    • Seattle.
    • Toronto.
    • Washington.
    • Melbourne.
    • sydney.

    Here Apple still has a long way to go. All in all, the guides that Apple Maps includes are really complete and offer good recommendations. Whether you are going to physically go to one of those cities or simply want to explore them from home, you should know that you can view the guides like this:

  • Display the bottom menu by sliding to the top. Under the Favorites and Recent sections, you’ll find the Editors’ Picks section.
  • Tap the Browse Guides button to enter the gallery of available guides.
  • In the top dropdown, choose the continent you want to explore. If you keep the World option, guides from all over the world will be shown.
  • When you tap on a guide, points of interest are located on the map. You can save the guide, share it, or visit the publisher’s website. Under each POI there is a brief explanation that will allow you to know more details.

    Tired of Google Maps?  6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps

    View the traffic in your area

    Apple Maps have different layers with useful information. If you are going to drive, the one that interests you the most is the traffic. It is enabled like this:

  • Tap on the globe icon that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Under the Select map section, choose By car.
  • Now, the traffic will be shown in real time on the map. On the other hand, you also have the Explore layers, to see points of interest on the map, Public transport, which shows the metro, bus and train lines, and Satellite.

    Share your journey with others

    When you drive, especially long drives, you may want to share your route with family and friends. With Apple Maps it is very easy to do it. The first thing you should do is start a route. Then, open the lower menu by swiping up and tap on Share arrival. Users with an iPhone will be able to see updated location and route in real time. Otherwise, the device will send notifications in the form of SMS to inform about your arrival time.

    Tired of Google Maps?  6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps

    Explore your city with Flyover

    Flyover is one of those features that sets Apple Maps apart from other apps. With it you can explore the most important cities in the world in three dimensions. Just locate them with the search engine and, in the lower menu, touch Flyover. And if you don’t want to miss a single detail, use the Start tour option that you’ll see at the bottom of the screen to get to know the most emblematic points of the city.

    Create your own lists with your favorite sites

    In addition to the guides included in Apple Maps, each user can create their own. Just select a site (it can be a restaurant, a monument or any other point of interest) and click on the Guides button that you will see at the bottom of the screen. Then select one of the lists you have already generated or add a new one. This function is ideal for those who want to keep track of the restaurants they visit or want to plan their visit to a city, to give a few examples. You should know that the guides are available by tapping on your avatar, they can be shared with others and they are synchronized on all devices thanks to iCloud.

    Apple Maps: Is it up to the competition?

    The features mentioned in this article give a glimpse of the effort being made to improve Apple Maps. Does that mean the service is already up to par with the competition? The truth is that Cupertino still have a long way to go in this area. It is true that in some markets Apple Maps and Google Maps are very similar in functions. Without going any further, in countries like the United States and Spain it is possible to exclusively use Apple Maps without missing anything that other services offer. Unfortunately, in other places it is still better to opt for more complete options such as Google Maps or Waze. Therefore, from a global point of view, Apple’s solution still falls short of the competition.

    Tired of Google Maps?  6 tricks to get more out of Apple Maps

    And you do you think? Do you think it’s time to bet on Apple Maps? Leave us your comment below to know what your opinion is. We read you!