Welcome to SamaGame, a web page where you will find all kinds of news about Apple’s iPad, which has been presented today and is not yet for sale, but is already being talked about a lot. The iPad is not Apple’s first ‘tablet pc’, since it tried it before with the Newton, but in this case the approach they have taken is totally different; The iPad, broadly speaking, is an iPod Touch with 3G connectivity (depending on the model), which means that it has a data connection to the Internet as long as there is coverage from your mobile phone operator, and it gives you access to your email , web pages, purchase of television series, movies, music, books… in short, all the media that can be enjoyed on the 9.7-inch screen that the iPad enjoys.

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Many say they are disappointed by this new device, after having been rumored about it ad nauseam, literally, for years. The iPad is indeed a large iPod Touch, with 3G connectivity and much more powerful. Nothing more, and nothing less than that, its goal is far from becoming a laptop, a tablet as many were waiting for;
This is not a Mac Netbook Touch
. So those who have been hoping for a touch-enabled MacBook Air or something like that will be disappointed.

However, those of us who believe in the iPhone OS as a mature platform capable of anything, which also comes to change the way we interact with computers and applications, are in luck. The iPad is extremely fast, and what it does, it does well; Reading the mail, checking a map on a trip, copying the photos from the camera to show them to friends, buying a movie one weekend and watching it on that screen during a trip or on a TV when you get home. Listening to music while, and this is probably the most important thing, we consult web pages like never before: On a screen bigger than our hand, which responds to our movements to the millimeter and instantly. This video shows how smooth it all works.

Analysis of the performance of the new iPad of 2018

The technical specifications are not as spectacular as they could be, although they are not bad either. A good 1024x768px screen and a generous size (9.7 inches), Apple’s own CPU developed by PA Semi, a company they bought years ago to precisely develop products like this. It is called Apple A4, and it works at 1Ghz, although the clock speed today does not indicate what its real performance is.

What really matters about the iPad is that what it does, it does well. If we take into account that the majority of uses of a Netbook are to browse the web, check the mail and tweet or update Facebook, we have a perfect machine that will do what we need, and that will also give us access to thousands and thousands of games. and applications that are already developed for the iPhone and that will improve when they are adapted to the iPad. Today, the first version of a product has come out that, in the future, will be the most common.

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