Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung.

In the context of PA Forum 2022 a seminar entitled Tools and technologies for mobile work was held in collaboration with Samsung Italy. During the seminar we talked about how the pandemic has allowed us to switch to mobile work and of the instruments that companies need to be able to work in complete safety: among them we find i Galaxy Notebooks of Samsung and the platform Samsung DeX.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Galaxy Notebook and Samsung DeX

The last two years of the pandemic have been quite complex for our country. Despite this, they still helped and allowed us to switch to a smart working mode And mobile; a method that many companies, even now, they intend to keep.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung

Antimo LucignanoHead of IM Enterprise and Public Sector Sales e Antonio BosioHead of Business Development of Samsung Italia, during their seminar at the PA Forum 2022, they really told us about the mobile work.

What is it and what are the two main groups that we can identify within it?

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung

As we know, the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of working models towards more flexible forms of organization And smart. This is where mobile work is born, that is the type of work that it can be done anywhereprovided you have a PC or tablet with you. This new way of working, in turn, gave birth to the first category of workers that Antimo Lucignano told us about: the Mobile Workers.

To meet the needs of these workers, the Public Administration must transform the new workspaces into safe environments and highly collaborative, in the office as well as remotely. Therefore, workers performing office duties need quick connections And secure but also of extremely performing mobile products.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung

And this is exactly where Samsung helps its Mobile Workers. The company offers them innovative devices and solutions, designed for improve efficiency and offer abetter experience. Among them we find, for example, the new ones Galaxy Book2; smartphones Galaxy S; the innovative leaflets Galaxy Z Fold 3; the tablets Galaxy Tab S And Tab Active.

These devices will therefore allow all Mobile Workers to work on the move, everywherecompletely eliminating the constraint of the “fixed workplace, the desk”.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung

The second category of workers is that of Frontline Workersi.e. those whothey work in the field. We already know that today’s mobile technology is the basis for the success of any sector. It allows us to be reactive And fastalways on point.

In this regard, Samsung is working hard to be able to offer its partners a real 360° mobility. Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy come to our aid here too Galaxy XCover Pro and the Galaxy Tab Active Proready to offer an innovative and efficient experience.

Another solution for companies

During the seminar, Antonio Bosio spoke about Samsung DeX (literally: Desktop Experience). It is basically a program that allows users to use your smartphone as if it were a real one computer.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung

Thanks to Samsung Dex we have indeed the possibility of transfer the interface of our desktop towards a external monitor, as Bosio explains. Keep in mind that this process is not a simple “mirroring” of the smartphone but it is much more. It is indeed about reformat the contents so that they can be viewed optimally on the monitor.

DeX allows you to perform, through the smartphone computing power it’s a external monitorall that usually runs on the PC. The advantage? The one to have one device to do it all and live an immersive and fast experience.

Samsung’s solutions, therefore, not only allow you to work easily when we are on the move but also, and above all, of redesign the spaces inside the offices.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung

Enterprise Edition

During the seminar there was also talk of Enterprise Edition. By Enterprise Edition we mean the subset of Samsung’s huge line-up that it includes mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) which, depending on various characteristics, are naturally used by companies and give it public administrations.

For five years now, Samsung has decided to better define this lineup with the characteristics that we report below.

  • Longer duration of product availability.
    • No more 6 or 9 month availability. With this new feature you will be able to try the product for 24 months since launch: in this way companies can manage their rollout by giving the same device to everyone;
  • Security Patches.
    • Every year Android updates its systems and, among the various updates, we find some related to security. On these Samsung Enterprise Edition devices we can even go as far as 5 years of Security Patch updates while on specific projects it also comes to 6/7 years. This is because Samsung cares deeply about the safety and well-being of its partners.

Finally, Antimo Lucignano also told us about the platform Samsung Knox. It is a system that allows you to ensure safety of the devices across the part hardware And software of the device. Knox is a security tool that ensures that data is sure, encrypted And protected; at the same time it is also a platform that owns ato series of applications that are featured in the Enterprise Edition lineup.

These solutions show Samsung’s continued commitment to offering the right tools that can meet the needs of companies. For more information about Samsung’s offers for companies, you can consult the official site.

Tools and technologies for mobile work with Samsung