Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros..

Super Smash bros. is probably the best-known Wii U game (and one of the few reasons to get a Wii U), and when Nintendo announced that from April 15 to October 3 you could vote for any video game character to enter Smash, we all freaked out, including indie game developers who asked their fans to vote for their characters. As far as I understand in December Nintendo will tell us the lucky one(s) to join Mario, Link, Samus, Sonic and the other Smash characters. But I’m too impatient to wait so I’m sharing with SamaGame a list of what I think are the 10 characters that everyone would like to see in Smash.

There are 3 simple rules: 1 that the character is a video game character (Gokú, Sam and Max, Shrek or the queen of vampires Marceline does not count), 2 it has to have a Nintendo game, even if it is only one (Kratos would not enter or the Master Chief) and 3 if it appears as a suit it’s because Sakurai didn’t find a way to add it directly to the game (sorry Chrom and King K Roll.)

Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

Without further ado, here it is:

TOP 10 characters we want in Super Smash Bros.

10.Phoenix Wright

If we think that it is difficult to include a lawyer in Smash, remember that he was included in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and similar moves could be used.

Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

9. Professor Layton

Unlike Phoenix, Layton knows how to fight. He can use the sword and a match in Super Smash would be like a puzzle for him.

8. Paper Mario

Ok, in theory I’m cheating since there’s already Mario, Green Mario, Yellow Mario, Doctor Mario, Mario’s (supposed) girlfriend, Mario’s first rival, Mario’s best-known villain, Mario’s pet and a guardian princess that appeared in one of the best Mario games. BUT Paper Mario actually has a different level of gameplay than other versions of Mario. He can turn into a paper plane or a ship, and he has a book with a fair amount of powers. He has more than Waluigi or Daisy, right?

Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

7. Bayonette

Since his second game he is exclusive to Nintendo, and he has weapons in his shoes, and a good variety of combos. Maybe he should tone down his sexiness a bit (just a little so Samus doesn’t feel bad) but he would still be a great character for Smash.

6. Banjo-Kazooie

Microsoft said there would be no problem with them showing up. They would function similarly to the Duck Hunt duo, in which the two characters would act as one.

Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros.


It already appeared as a trophy, and thanks to a short film made with SFM, the hype increased. It’s hard to imagine a Rayman amiibo, but he’s a hilarious character on a par with Mario and Sonic.

4. Solid Snake (or alternatively Venom Snake)

“It’s Showtime!”

Hideo Kojima asked Nintendo to add Snake to Brawl, and he was one of the most popular characters in the game. A return like Mewtwo and Lucas did would be nice.

Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

3. Don Pepe and his glos… just kidding, Bomberman

Leaving the absurd dubbing war aside, Bomberman is a character who can drop bombs, blow up bombs, leave bombs… he can make anything explode. As long as they don’t include the “darks” version of him it would be great to see him in Smash.

2.Shovel Knight

They created an amiibo for this character. His combat mode would be to use his shovel as a pogo stick and jump on his opponents. Also, you already had your exclusive level with PlayStation and XBox, why not have something unique with Nintendo as well?

1. Shantae

It was one of the last games for Game Boy Color, his company was behind the Ducktales remake (woo) and his attack method is one of the most original of all the characters (he used to attack with hair before Bayonetta). I’m not saying it, several forums say it and you SamaGameeros also say it. Of all the characters that I have mentioned and failed to mention, Shantae has been the one with the most related publications.

Top 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

Did I miss any? Are there any that shouldn’t be on the list? Write it in the comments, you still have to wait until December for them to confirm it.

For SamaGame on behalf of satisacro.