TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted.

Sagas and franchises in the world of video games there are many. Some are little known, some are famous, and some fall into a kind of Olympus where everyone should enter at least once, and enjoy their honeys. We can say without fear of being wrong that in this Olympus is the saga of Uncharted. Naughty Dog, responsible for giving life to Nathan drake, has done an excellent job during these 10 years that are fulfilled in this 2017, since many of us could see this peculiar protagonist in action for the first time.

4 games that have brought Nathan Drake to life, some better, some worse, but all taken together, make the name of Uncharted be one of the referents of the last two consoles of Sony (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4). That is why today we wanted spend a few minutes writing an article honoring this saga, with the 10 best moments Uncharted has left us, as always, from our point of view. If you haven’t played the Uncharted saga, or at least you have not finished all their games, we warn you that you can find some other SPOILER, so we recommend that you be careful.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

# 10 – Being able to play Crash Bandicoot (Uncharted 4)

Naughty Dog is a company that has had a long history on all Sony consoles. It has brought (and continues to bring) great sagas: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, Last of Us… Without a doubt, one of the most remembered is Crash Bandicoot.

In this way, the development team of Uncharted 4 wanted to honor the little marsupial, incorporating one of the screens of the mythical game in a scene from the last game of Nathan drake. Our protagonist lights his PlayStation to challenge Elena and beat your score. Without a doubt, this detail has overwhelmed more than one, and it is one of the highlights that Nathan Drake’s legacy leaves us.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

# 9 – Control Nathan Drake as a child (Uncharted 3 and 4)

Another of the memorable moments that the saga of Naughty Dog, has been to be able to control a very young Nathan drake. Thus, we were able to experience their early skills, and the kid already showed that when he was older he would be willing to do anything to achieve whatever he wanted.

# 8 – The epilogue of Uncharted 4 (Uncharted 4)

We will not reveal the end of Uncharted 4 (We are doing enough Spoilers in today’s article), but we do have to mention the Uncharted 4 final epilogue, in which we can see the daughter of Nathan and Elena… A wonderful way to close a cycle without any doubt, and which you don’t wait until it happens.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

# 7 – Sully’s “undeath” (Uncharted 3)

There are many resources in movies and video games that we have seen several times, such as the fact that a character has died (or so believe me) and appears again some time later.

That is what happens in Uncharted 3, when Naughty dog made us all believe that Sully days, inseparable companion of Drake, they were coming to an end. Luckily, we later found out that it was all a hallucination caused by Talbot’s toxins in the water, of which Nathan drake baby. Still, the moment to see Sully getting shot in the back while we were so close to the treasure was something that left us speechless.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

# 6 – Escape the Ship (Uncharted 3)

Uncharted 3 It is also another of the games in the saga that leaves us speechless … Well, what the hell … they all leave us speechless. The moment the ship sinks near the end of the game is probably one of the most memorable. Has it all:

Running across the deck while the water is on our heels, ending the enemies against the clock for fear of drowning, escaping through the corridors without a second to lose … In short, one of the most intense and stressful moments of the title.

# 5 – Elena and Nathan’s First Kiss (Uncharted)

From the early stages of Elena and Nathan Drake’s “friendship”, the tension between these two characters was more than palpable. Whenever these kinds of situations occur, viewers are looking forward to their wishes coming true, and so it was with Elena and Nathan at the end of the first Uncharted.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

# 4 – A man against a helicopter (Uncharted 2)

Uncharted 2 is a game in which the action does not take a minute of rest. One of the best sequences we have experienced together with Nathan Drake, beside Chloe, is where our protagonists have to fight through waves of endless enemies while chased by a helicopter, in an urban area in the middle of the game.

Right at this moment you think: «I can’t stop playing«, And that feeling is one of the best that a video game can transmit to you.

# 3 – The Nepal Train Chapter (Uncharted 2)

One of the moments that has left many of us with our glued to the chair has undoubtedly been the sequence of the train of Nepal from Uncharted 2. There are countless cutscenes and parts of the Uncharted saga that have taken our breath away, but without a doubt the one about the shooting of the train in Nepal in Uncharted 2 it is one of the most important.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

If you do not remember, we will tell you that Drake has to rescue Chloe, and for this, we have to fight with several dozen soldiers, and we even have to shoot down the odd helicopter with a rocket launcher. It is worth mentioning that, the train is in constant motion, and we went through several incredible locations, so, this moment takes the TOP 3, as technically and graphically it is a real pass.

# 2 – The Airplane Chapter in the Desert (Uncharted 3)

It was hard for us to decide the first and second place, since this number two could well be found in number 1. We talk about the amazing plane scene from Uncharted 3. This is one of the few chapters of Uncharted in which it seems that you are living what is happening … The immersion capacity is brutal in this chapter in which Drake is left hanging from a luggage rack, while at the same time we have to shoot the enemies. As if this were not enough, we have to have the necessary skill to dodge the suitcases of the passage while they are scattered throughout the desert.

Of course, the plane ends up crashing, Drake survives, and they were happy and ate happily in one of the best moments that this saga has left us.

# 1 – The Train in the Gorge (Uncharted 2)

The start of Uncharted 2 is one of the best we have ever encountered in the world of video games. Without eating or drinking it, we find ourselves suspended several meters high, sitting on a train. We don’t know anything else. Neither how we got to that situation, nor why the train is hanging, nor where we are going … Of course, Drake has to pull himself together once more to survive and the sequence is absolutely perfect. One of those that you never want to end.

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted

And we think that there is no better way than to start one of the best video games that this saga has left us (Uncharted 2), but that, as with the previous two moments, it is technically and graphically perfect.

And here we come with our TOP 10 of moments that the Uncharted saga has left us. We remind you that we have made other articles honoring the saga, and we leave them below for you to take a look:

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What has been your best moment in Uncharted? Would you like the saga to continue for another 10 years?

TOP 10 of the best moments of Uncharted