Top 10 Pokemon Soundtrack.

18 years have passed since the first title of this saga, loved by many and hated by many others. Pokémon has left its mark on the hearts of gamers (for better or for worse) and today we review the 10 best “gems” that its great soundtrack has left us.

10. To bill’s origin – From cerulean – Red and Blue.

We start the list with nostalgia for that day we started the game.
Who does not remember to put your own name to Red listening to this work of art in the background?

Top 10 Pokemon Soundtrack

09. Dragon’s Den – Silver and Gold.

This psychedelic melody accompanied us during our tour in the dragon lair.
The gym leader Débora sends us after being defeated … Too bad to lose!

08. Routes 26 & 27 – Silver and Gold.

We continue with Silver and gold, where once all the gym leaders were defeated, we would go back to Kanto! The epicity of the moment and the soundtrack makes that moment UNFORGETTABLE.

Top 10 Pokemon Soundtrack

07. Team Rocket Hideout – Red and Blue.

In the den with the worst planned entrance in the world there is (or not so much) a labyrinthine and avant-garde floor that frustrated many people in its day, which is accompanied by a melody as annoying as it is sublime and also by some rather painful trainers.

06. Battle! VS. Zekrom / Reshiram – Black and White.

Much more modern than the previous ones, but with the same essence. This fast paced music with nostalgic touches makes the battle against the 5th generation legendaries quite special.

Top 10 Pokemon Soundtrack

05. Battle! Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde – X Y.

We continue with battles against legendary, this time the 6th generation.
This masterpiece has even been used as is in some epic battles in the final season of the anime.

04. Ending – Red and Blue.

We finished the league once and we are champions for the first time! We still have to finish the pokédex, but even so the credits appear, and with these also appears this melody that many of you will know. (Nintendo has modified and introduced it in the anime and other later games.)

Top 10 Pokemon Soundtrack

03. Elite Four – X Y.

Going back to the last generation, this song of guitars and futuristic sounds makes our fights against the high command entertaining. Let’s be honest, except Tileo They are quite weak. Also used in anime.

02. Lavender Town – Red and Blue.

Nostalgic, dark, desolate, dark … We would have thousands of adjectives to describe this melody that caused terror in many children and not so children.

01. Mt. Pyre’s Outer Wall – Ruby and Sapphire.

The winner is this work of art that appeared in the third generation (the best for many), it is in the Mountain Pyric where we hear the legend of Groudon and Kyogre told by two elders who very kindly give us their Spheres.

Top 10 Pokemon Soundtrack

As many of some of you will not agree with this list, if you like one that I have not put, I encourage you to leave it in the comments. Regards.