Top 10 WORST Mario games.

Even if you are a casual gamer or a full time gamer, you know who Mario is. He’s been to an unmatched number of video games, most of them pretty good. If we wanted to give you a fair comparison we are not comparing Mario to Sonic or Pikachu, we are comparing him to Mickey Mouse or Ronald McDonald. And since Super Mario Odyssey is right around the corner, I bring you its 10 worst games.

Before I get murdered, I will clarify a few things: Mario is an incredible character and his achievements are much greater and notorious than his failures, but these games are the few times that Nintendo has failed and I would never recommend them. The ones I would recommend are from an upcoming list I’ll make: “Top 10 Mario Games.”
The rules:
1) It must have been officially licensed by Nintendo. That flash game you’ve seen out there doesn’t count.
2) Mario must appear as the main character, so “Mario is Missing” or “Super Princess Peach” do not count.
3) Remind you that this is my opinion, if you like any of these games, good for you. It doesn’t make you less of a gamer.
Alright, let’s go to the list:

Top 10 WORST Mario games

10. Super Mario Run (2016)

I wanted to put in one that would piss off the fans, and for what it is, a demo version of Mario, it’s a good game. The problem lies in two things: the free version has very few levels, and it is expensive compared to other apps out there. Honestly, if you can choose between Mario Run and other games, choose Fire Emblem Heroes or Pokémon Go, they are much more entertaining than Super Mario Run.

Top 10 WORST Mario games

9. Mario’s Early Years (1994)

Okay, the Early Years games were made for preschoolers, but it’s still pretty boring. It came out when the preferred operating system was MS-DOS. You had to select shapes that matched the sounds that the game played. It sounded filthy, but it wasn’t impossible. But it sounded filthy.

Top 10 WORST Mario games

8. Mario Teaches Typing (1991)

I realize that several games on this list are educational. I don’t hate all educational games, games like Age of Empires, Carmen Sandiego or The Oregon Trail are pretty cool … but Teaches Typing doesn’t. The music was a hideous midi version of the Super Mario World theme, and the gameplay was boring: press the key they tell you and Mario will jump to break a brick. Don’t you think it’s that bad? It is an MS-DOS game from 1991. There are better ways to learn typing, such as in computer and computer class at school. I learned to type with WordPerfect in DOS and that is more entertaining than this game.
Did you know that this game had a sequel?

Top 10 WORST Mario games

7. Wrecking Crew (1985)

Mario has been a plumber, a rescuer, a referee, an astronaut, a driver and … a wrecker? This is one of the most forgotten Mario games, and it better stay that way, the game is tedious. There may be someone who considers it a classic, I am not that person.

6. Mario FUNdamentals / Mario’s Game Gallery (1995)

Top 10 WORST Mario games

Another PC game. Apparently the only way there is a good Mario game on PC is a fangame. Well, let’s see what this game is about.
Mario’s Game Gallery (in some markets Mario Fundamentals) is an exciting MS-DOS game in which you can play Chinese checkers, dominos, backgammon, and Go Fish (the card game) with Mario. The only interesting thing about this game is that Charles Martinet first voiced Mario in this game, before the acclaimed Super Mario 64.

5. Mario’s Picross (1995)

This game sold relatively well in Japan, so Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe decided to bring it to the West. A fatal mistake. This game for the original Game Boy asked you to select some boxes to solve a puzzle, but the Game Boy screen was not exactly big, and you were bored within seconds. The following Picross games were only sold in Japan.

Top 10 WORST Mario games

4. Mario Bros for Atari (1983)

Oh my God! Just look at it! It is horrible and the gameplay is disastrous. The ports in the early years of video games were terrible. This one and Pac-Man for Atari are an ecological disaster. That is, look at the arcade version:

This downgrade is far worse than Mighty No. 9. At least Mighty is playable. However, Mario Bros had a version for the NES / Famicom that is quite close to the original game and is a thousand times more fun.

3. Mario’s Time Machine (1994)

Top 10 WORST Mario games

Mario traveling through time and space is one of the best ideas Nintendo has ever had. I suppose something similar is what they have prepared with Super Mario Odyssey, but this …
It is an educational game, you have to answer questions and to answer them you have to fill in the blanks with more than 20 options. And if you travel in time you must enter the correct year and place.
This is not a game, it is a task. And the teacher didn’t leave it to me, why do something so boring and tedious?

2. Mario Clash and Mario’s Tennis (1995)

Ok, current Mario sports games are good, and I had already said that Mario Bros is a good game, right? Well, whatever came out for Virtual Boy is terrible.

Top 10 WORST Mario games

Put that s**t on your face, get ready to see red graphics that are supposed to be 3D and get dizzy like you have never done in your life. They may be better made than Time Machine, but at least Time Machine doesn’t hurt you physically speaking.

Honorable Mentions

Wow, what an honor a mention in this type of tops must have. However, there are some games that were almost in the top but because of destiny they are not here, for example: Super mario bros 2. What version? Both. The version you probably don’t know about was the original version of Super Mario 2, which only came out in Japan and then had a remake called Super Mario Lost Levels. It’s quite difficult and tedious, which is why Nintendo of America released its own version of Super Mario 2, which in Japan became known as Super Mario USA. This version feels like a weird game that has Mario sprites put on top of it, and it feels like that because it actually is. The original game was a game called Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic exclusive to Japan for a Fuji TV expo. But I did not include them because technically they are good video games. I also didn’t include Paper Mario: Sticker Star which got mixed reviews but didn’t feel as bad as other games.
Well, let’s go to # 1 that many probably already know what it is:

1. Hotel Mario (1994)

Nintendo’s worst mistake was stopping working with Sony for the CD extension for the Super Nintendo. Not only because they kept working on the prototype and released the Playstation (probably the best console of all time), but also because they worked with Phillips, who obtained the rights to release games based on Mario and Zelda for their CD-i console. . And those games are considered among the worst games of all time. What’s especially wrong with Hotel Mario?
1) The animated shorts between levels are horrible animation, have terrible voices and a terrible humor.
2) All levels of the game look horrible. The first 5 levels you will see a screen full of brown m *****.
3) The objective of the game is to close doors. The level is only finished if ALL doors are closed, and many are opened randomly by goombas.
4) To go up and down floors you must take an elevator that does not always leave you in the place you think it will leave you.

This game is literally a bummer, and one of the things Nintendo regrets the most.


Despite these 10 games, Mario is famous for good games for the whole family. The vast majority are innovative, incredible, artistic, fun, and legendary. To create the current list I had to scrape from the bottom of the barrel to find the few times Nintendo got it wrong. And I’m sure Super Mario Odyssey won’t be like one of these 10 games. Soon I will make my top 10 of the best Mario games. Until then, see you.

On behalf of Raúl Satisacro for SamaGame.