Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community.

Wow, I got more responses than I bargained for in such a short time. Much more than what I received for my top pokémon. Over 200 people responded and I can’t be more grateful for your support. So instead of a top 10 I’ll do a top 20 … split in two.

And it’s understandable, Super Smash Bros. is one of Nintendo’s most iconic series and one of the most popular fighting games of all time. Featuring characters from the biggest franchises in the big N and even several third-party guest characters, some of whom were big rivals to Nintendo. On the occasion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming up, I decided to make a top with you guys. Unlike other tops I have made or from this page, this top is not a personal opinion, but rather an opinion from the SamaGame community. If you don’t see your favorite character, it’s because they didn’t get enough votes. The characters that were taken into account were the playable characters from the new Super Smash Bros., I did not include assistant or boss trophies. Without any more preambles:

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

Top 20 (to 11) characters from Super Smash Bros.

All images were taken from the official Super Smash Bros. page.

20. Sheik

Name: Sheik (Zelda)
video game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
First appearance in Smash: Melee (as a Zelda transformation), Smash 4 (as a different character).

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

A character who appears several times in Ocarina of Time, “Sheik” claims to be one of the Sheikah and helps a more mature Link face the forces of Ganondorf. Near the end of the game we discover that Sheik is … a magical Princess Zelda costume.

In the Smash Bros. remake, his costume is influenced by the Sheikah set that Link can wear in Breath of the Wild, which is why some fans say that this Sheik is in fact a version of Zelda from Breath of the Wild.

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

On the tier lists, Sheik’s highest rank is 1 in Melee and Smash 4, and his lowest has been 26 in Brawl.

19. King Dedede

Name: The Great King Dedede
video game: Kirby’s Dream Land (1992)
First appearance in Smash: N64 (as a background character in the Dream Land scenario), Brawl (as a playable character).

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

The king of Dream Land, the occasional villain, the occasional hero, the occasional antihero, and the ever rival of Kirby, King Dedede is a hammer-wielding penguin who cares most about himself. Although he once stole food from his village, it is not necessarily bad as he has proven himself to have a good heart several times, and has even helped Kirby stop the most powerful evils in the galaxy.

In the next Smash they changed his Final Smash: now he will be in a cage with a jet hammer and firing missiles with his Masked Dedede form.

His highest position in the tier lists was 3 in Brawl, the lowest and current is 52.

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

18. Lucina

Name: Lucina
video game: Fire Emblem Awakening (2012)
First appearance in Smash: Smash 4.

Lucina, the Princess of the kingdom of Ylisse, daughter of King Chrom and distant descendant of King Hero Marth (characters that are in Smash), traveled to the past to save her kingdom and the life of her father from the dragon Grima and his legion of Risen Zombies , protecting his identity by posing as Marth himself.

Lucina’s gameplay is based on Marth’s, and by Ultimate her clone status was recognized for her and other characters as “echo / dash characters”. Interestingly, Lucina received more votes than Marth.

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

His current and best tier position is 14 out of 55, 3 spots behind Marth. His worst position was 47.

17. Pokémon Trainer

Names: Red / Red (male trainer), Leaf / Leaf / Green (female trainer), Charizard, Ivysaur, Squirtle
video game: Pokémon Red and Green (1996) (Red and the Pokémon), Pokémon FireRead and LeafGreen (2004) (Leaf)
First appearance in Smash: N64 (as background character in Pikachu intro), Brawl (as playable character).

Around the world, strange creatures with incredible powers called Pokémon are found. Capable of incredible abilities, these creatures can have a connection with some human beings who are called trainers, who together with them can become more powerful than ever. In the Kanto region, Red (or Leaf) can choose between three starter pokémon: the water pokémon Squirtle, the plant pokémon Bulbasaur who can evolve into Ivysaur, and the fire pokémon Charmander who can potentially evolve into Charizard.

Debuting in Brawl as three characters, the Pokémon Trainer can choose any of the three Pokémon in mid-battle and switch them as long as they are not defeated. Given the system changes between the Wii and the Wii U, for Smash 4 the Trainer, Squirtle, and Ivysaur were dropped while Charizard became a unique character. For Ultimate Charizard, she is once again part of the trainer combo, who may also be the Trainer of the FireRed and LeafGreen games.

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

Coach’s best rank in Brawl on the tier-lists was 24, his worst was 32.

16. Greninja

Name: Greninja
video game: Pokémon X and Y (2013)
First appearance in Smash: Smash 4.

In the Kalos region, one of the starter Pokémon that Trainer Calem or Serena can get is the Water Pokémon Froakie. After a while his final evolution is that of Greninja, the Pokémon Ninja. In the Pokémon scene, it is considered one of the fastest and most powerful Pokémon there is, and it even helped Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the series, to reach the final of the League of Kalos.

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

And he ended up losing.

He debuted in the same trailer for Smash 4 that featured Charizard as a unique character. For Ultimate some of his attacks will be more like the attacks he had in the anime, and several of them will be more powerful.

His best position on the tier list is 21, his current worst position is 26.

15. Samus

Name: Samus aran
video game: Metroid (1986)
First appearance in Smash: N64.

Known as the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Samus Aran constantly assists the Galactic Federation in their fight against the Space Pirates. His missions include destroying an entire base where a dangerous creature called Metroid was contained.

Present in all Smash games, the armed version of Samus will be one of the initial characters of the game. Among its most notorious changes is that it will no longer have among its alternative costumes one based on Dark Samus, who will be an echo character based on her, as Lucina is for Marth.

His highest rank on the tier list is 6 in Melee, and his lowest is 51 in Smash 4. His current rank is 37.

14. Piranha Plant


Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

Name: Piranha Plant
video game: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
First appearance in Smash: N64 (enemy), Ultimate (playable character).

Around the Mushroom Kingdom, various piranha plants will pop out of pipes and try to attack Mario. One of the most famous enemies of the Mario franchise, several of them are led by Petey Piranha.

Technically he is a future character (for November 2018) since he has not debuted as a character. However, piranha plants have appeared in the game before as common enemies in Mario-based levels, and in The Subspace Emissary Petey is one of the bosses to defeat. It is known that the Plant will attack with its head from a distance and that Petey will be its final smash.

It is not yet on a Tier List as it has not debuted yet. It is the first DLC of Ultimate.

Top 20 Super Smash Bros. Characters Chosen by the Vrutal Community

13. Mario

Name: Mario Mario
video game: Donkey Kong (1981)
First appearance in Smash: N64.

Mario is the most iconic character in video games, hands down. The Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest hero, this plumber-turned-hero has protected Princess Peach and the Kingdom’s inhabitants from the invasions that King of the Koopa Bowser makes on a daily basis. No matter how many times they invade the kingdom, Mario will always be there to protect his beloved from evil.

It really surprised me that Mario was not in the top 10. He is one of the easiest characters to handle in any Smash game and outside of that, he is the most recognizable character on Nintendo. For Ultimate his cap will change to Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey in some attacks and animations. Other than that he will have two new alternate suits, one based on his groom suit in Odyssey, and one based on the Super Mario Maker cover.

Its highest position in the tier list was 5. Its lowest was 31. It is currently 9.

12. Bowser

Name: King Koopa Bowser
video game: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
First appearance in Smash: Melee.

Every great hero like Mario deserves a great villain like Bowser. This Turtle Dragon, leader of the koopas, may be a little clumsy and a bit funny, but he is one of the most powerful villains in video game history. Strong, resilient, capable of spitting fire, he won’t give up until he marries Princess Peach and conquers the Mushroom Kingdom.

Like all characters that appeared after the initial 8 of the original Smash, Bowser will be an unlockable character in Ultimate. It has always been characterized by being one of the heaviest and strongest characters, with the misfortune of being one of the slowest characters.

His highest position on the tier-list is 22, the lowest he has ever had is 33. His current position is 24.

11. Cloud

Name: Cloud strife
video game: Final Fantasy VII (1997)
First appearance in Smash: Smash 4.

A mercenary who believed to be from the SOLDIER group, a group of super-soldiers hired by the Shinra corporation who is responsible for the destruction of the world’s environment, Cloud fights to end Shinra’s influence in the world and stop his rival and enemy. Sephirot.

Cloud was one of the surprise guests for Smash, as although Final Fantasy has had games for Nintendo, the game in which it debuted first appeared for the PlayStation. Sakurai actually thought about including characters from other previous Final Fantasy like Bartz Klauser or Terra Branford, but she knew that Cloud was much more popular than them. Since his introduction, he has always been one of the most powerful characters in the game, thanks to his Limit Break that makes his basic skills more powerful and faster.

Its current position on the Tier-List is 2, and its lowest has been 12.

That’s all for today. Is your favorite character in the next top 10? Will your favorite character be among the best? Wait for the second part of this top. I’m Raúl Satisacro and we’ll see you next time.