Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023.

Who knew Discord would become so popular when it was first introduced in 2015?

There are many features of this platform that made it popular, but one of the most desired features among users has to be its voice chat feature. It keeps people interested and you can share your screen to watch movies together.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023

If you don’t already know, Discord is a voice, video and text chat app for groups 13+ to talk, connect and hang out with various communities.

From art to games, there are communities for literally anything within the app in the form of “servers,” which are basically group chats that you can join.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023

The app now engages over 14 million users who log into the platform every day because of how much fun it can be.

While the app is already great as it is, you can get maximum benefits from it by using a proxy, which mainly helps you improve speed.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023

Let’s learn more about Discord proxies and the best options you can start using.

How can a Discord proxy help you?

Just put; Usually, you would think about using a proxy for Discord if the app is banned in your region and you can’t access it.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023

However, there are also other ways that using a proxy can help you, some of which are:

  • It helps you bypass geo-restrictions and use the app freely.
  • Improve security and privacy.
  • It helps you manage multiple accounts without getting banned.
  • It makes it safe to use the app at your workplace.
  • Enjoy faster server speed and performance.

Another great big advantage is that using a proxy allows you to collect information from a proxy server without revealing your details.

Since your IP address is masked behind the new address, your real identity is safe and sound as you mingle with the community without worry.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023

With that said, choosing the right proxy for Discord can be confusing. To ease your dilemma, below I have compiled a list of some of the best proxies that you can use right away.

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Real IP

A recent release on the market compared to other proxy services, IPRoyal has managed to garner a large client list quickly, and there is no doubt that it is due to the wide range of features it offers for a compact price.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023

Some of the many things you can do with IPRoyal are:

  • Change your IP instantly with a single touch
  • Change your proxies at a set interval
  • Stick to a residential proxy for 24 hours
  • Enjoy unlimited simultaneous sessions
  • Take advantage of the service in more than 195 locations around the world

You can enjoy maximum benefits without getting into any terms and conditions as it allows you to pay at will and choose to leave any time you want, no questions asked.

brilliant data

Bright Data is known for the top-notch security and privacy it provides, along with its proxies.


Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023
  • 99.99% success rate
  • Unlimited concurrent requests
  • Representatives from 195 countries
  • Greater GEO coverage
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24/7 global support

It has over 72 million real residential IPs on Discord, making it the largest proxy network in the industry.

Not to mention, this service gets new features and updates fast to ensure you’re always on top.

Bright Data has been featured on sites like Yahoo and Business Leader and has won several awards over the years for the type of features it offers.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023


Reliable, robust, and affordable best describes Infatica, a proxy service for Discord that is one of the largest in scale. It is available in all major geographic locations and has some cool features, such as:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Better anonymity and privacy.
  • Millions of IPs

Infatica also provides technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to clear doubts or solve any problem related to the service.


ProxyElite is a Discord proxy service that packs a ton of awesome features. You get an intuitive interface to get started, making it easy to access your proxies from one place.

All of their proxies are IPv4 and give you up to 300% speed boost for multi-threaded programs compared to public proxies.

Also, you will have no traffic limitations and you can enjoy 100% anonymity when using the Discord app.

This service uses servers from some of the major countries in the world, such as Russia, Canada, Germany, England, Spain, South Korea, and the US, among others, to ensure safe Internet browsing.

proxy seller

With 400 networks and 800 subnets, Proxy-Seller guarantees a wide range of IP addresses that can be used on demand while on Discord.

Here are some of the many benefits of using this service:

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023
  • Low ping and 1 Gbit/s channel speed
  • Uses HTTPS and Socks5 protocols
  • Fast issuance of orders after payment
  • An attractive affiliate program
  • 99% uptime

All servers provided by Proxy-Seller are deployed in modern data centers and everything is monitored by qualified system administrators to ensure the best possible use of resources.


ProxyEmpire is a versatile service that allows you to unblock Discord, manage multiple accounts, and pull content from Discord with the help of your proxy servers.

It provides you with millions of rotating proxies that are available in 170 and more countries around the world.

It also comes with an advanced proxy network that allows users to access granular data using advanced filters to target specific countries, regions, ISPs, and cities. This is a very cool feature to have.

Top 7 Discord Proxy Servers in 2023


Metrow is a home proxy service that helps you automate your processes and easily deploy bots on Discord to achieve specific platform requirements.

These are the highlights of Metrow:

  • Unlimited IP addresses
  • More than 10 million residential proxies
  • Customizable IP rotation
  • Blockless Rotating Proxies
  • unlimited threads

You can start using this service in just a few minutes. There are several plans to choose from, but one thing in common between them is that you get 24/7 customer support to ask for help at any stage.

Last words

Proxies are a great way to safeguard your online presence experience. In a world filled with identity theft and restricted information, they serve as your mask and shield. It also allows you to explore and operate without any unwanted hassle.

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