Top Gun: Maverick focuses on authenticity, not green screen.

The original Top Gun, directed by Tony Scott, enjoys cult status in many circles. This is largely due to the spectacular scenes showing fighters in action, which were created in cooperation with the US Army aviation (via Screen Rant). Although technology has moved forward and today filmmakers have the opportunity to take advantage of special effects that imitate reality better and better, Joseph Kosinski, director of Top Gun: Maverick, the continuation of the aforementioned film from 1986, decided to follow a similar path and focus primarily on the use of real machines, what we could see for example on this recording, and editing tricks. He also confirmed the very practical approach of the creators in an interview for Men’s Journal, playing the role of Bradley Bradshaw (son of Nick “Goose” Bradshaw) Miles Teller. He emphasized that in the upcoming production we will not experience the scenes shot on the green screen. To quote the actor’s words:

Every shot, every stunt was the result of all the hard work we put into it.

Top Gun: Maverick will feature spectacular pilots’ displays.

Top Gun: Maverick focuses on authenticity, not green screen

As you can easily guess, this approach to making a film that will rather belong to the glamorous genre is quite time-consuming. As Teller revealed, the shooting period to Top Gun: Maverick it lasted a full year – the longest in his career. In addition, he had to undergo a three-month flight training to prepare him for any overloads that would affect him once he sat in the ___pit of the F-18 Hornet (which, of course, he could not pilot himself; all maneuvers planned with the greatest possible accuracy were performed) by professional pilots). In addition, actors playing the role of pilots took part in a naval survival training, during which they learned, among other things, how to survive when it becomes necessary to eject the ___pit by the ocean.

Top Gun: Maverick focuses on authenticity, not green screen

So you can see that the film crew put a lot of heart and effort into creating Top Gun: Maverick. The only question is whether it will translate into a good film that will be able to compete with the legend of its predecessor? We will probably find out about it on July 1, 2021, when the production is scheduled to debut in theaters. At this stage, however, Teller is not afraid of the audience’s reaction.

Playing Goose’s son and carrying on a story told in such a wonderful way years ago is a really big deal. I think when viewers realize my character is the little kid that was in the original, it’s going to be a hit. I saw the movie a few weeks ago. He totally blew me away and my wife said, “This might be the best production I’ve ever seen.” She cried many times.

Top Gun: Maverick focuses on authenticity, not green screen


Top Gun: Maverick focuses on authenticity, not green screen

It is all fun, entertaining, emotional and “high octane”. There is a lot of heart in this story, and I can’t wait for people to see it. I think fans of the original will be smiling ear to ear all the time. The film will give them what they want.

Just like in the original, main character Top Gun: Maverick There’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell – a master pilot who heads a group aimed at training young aviation students. The above-mentioned Bradley Bradshaw falls under his wing. The protagonist has to face his difficult future and become a mentor to the son of a deceased friend. In addition to Teller, the film features, among others, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Connelly.

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