Now that E3 is almost over, the editors of Eurogamer Benelux take a look at the games that have passed. What are their favorite games from the show and what were the biggest disappointments?

Le favori de Randolf – Kidney New Project

Square Enix is ​​no longer so supernatural, it becomes clear during this E3. The company is clearly listening to what fans want, rather than pushing its own agenda at any cost. Amid the Final Fantasy 7 HD remake and unreal graphics in Kingdom Hearts 3, the announcement of a new kidney that shows it the most. It was also the revelation that touched me the most personally. Kidney 2 should not exist. The original is a niche title that received lukewarm reviews and the team has since shut down. Any sane person understands that an editor wouldn’t burn themselves for a sequel. But it will always happen, because Square Enix knows how beloved Kidney is. Not by the critics and certainly not by the retailers, but simply by the players. Having Keiichi Okabe provide the soundtrack is just the icing on the cake. Goose bumps!

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Randolf’s disappointment – Final Fantasy 7 postponed until winter

How difficult can it be to release Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation 4? This version should have been released and the silent hope was that it would suddenly be on PlayStation Store during E3. But no, wait a few more months until winter. In fact, a previously unannounced iOS version is coming out even earlier. Pity.


Bert’s Favorite – Fallout 4

First Doom, then Dishonored 2 and the icing on the cake Fallout 4: Bethesda’s very first E3 conference blew up pretty much the entire internet. The moment Todd Howard walks in and shows off Fallout 4 footage in-game with a confident smile is etched in my mind. Full voice acting, a modern dialogue system, a gigantic world, absurdly deep fabrication… All signs are that Fallout 4 is going to strike like a bomb. When Howard casually mentions that the game will launch on November 10, my luck is over. After all these years, the wait is finally rewarded. If only there was an underground safe, I could lock myself away for five months …

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Bert’s disappointment – Metroid Prime: Federation Force

The contrast between Bethesda’s conference and Nintendo’s E3 stream couldn’t be greater. At first it looks promising with the Muppet dolls, but the content of the presentation goes deeper and deeper by the minute. At one point when the words “Metroid Prime” fall, my heart skips a beat. However, the disappointment couldn’t be greater: Metroid Prime: Federation Force looks like a weak four-player shooter that Nintendo hastily put the name “Metroid Prime” on. The fact that some Metroid fans have even started a petition to stop development of the game indicates great dissatisfaction. Nintendo had better get some quality stuff ready next year, as I’m not sure if my Nintendo loving heart can take a stab.

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Le favori de Mathijs – Star Wars Battlefront

As a shameless Star Wars fanboy, I can only conclude that I have found a soul mate in DICE. The developer has a clear eye for detail and this is also clearly seen and heard in the first Battlefront gameplay trailer. The blasters have a typical Star Wars sound, like they’ve been in use for years. And there’s nothing quite like the eerie howls of a TIE-Fighter, especially when you’re in control. There’s a certain precision in the work that DICE has done for Star Wars Battlefront that I really appreciate. And it’s been so long since a really good Star Wars game was released. I sincerely hope that Star Wars Battlefront keeps its promises.

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Mathijs Disappointment – Mass Effect Andromeda

BioWare announced last year that the studio is working on a new Mass Effect. And what exactly has been done since then? Pretty little, if we assume the E3 trailer for what is now called Mass Effect Andromeda. Other than a Johnny Cash song and a few alien worlds, there isn’t much to see. I was expecting at least a short patch of gameplay or an in-game trailer. But apparently that was too much to ask. Better next year?


Marcel – Horizon’s favorites: Zero Dawn

A new Dutch pride game! It’s definitely time for Guerrilla Games to put Killzone games on the shelf and explore other genres. I am surprised that this is a third person action game. Guerrilla Games skillfully points out that these are game images. The softness of the animations and the reddish hair color of the protagonist make me feel satisfied. I count on you. Still, it was mainly the gameplay elements that found the right fit. I smell a touch of Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider and even Shadow of the Colossus. Three games that I love. There will be a PlayStation 4 in the De Jong house and Horizon: Zero Dawn has taken care of that. That… and the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

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Marcel’s Disappointment – Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Nintendo, what’s going on? A fantastic fall lineup collapsed with the postponement of The Legend of Zelda. All the more reason to bring us new announcements for Wii U. You certainly did, but sparingly. The Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival sounds like fun, but I’m not going to buy four amiibo for it. Had at least announced a full-fledged Animal Crossing for Wii U. Then I would have been indebted to Tom Nook anyway.


Derek’s Favorite – The Last Guardian

I was 17 when I immersed myself in the world of Shadow of the Colossus. It was a turning point in my life. A beautiful open world that instilled in me a sense of adventure that I haven’t felt since Final Fantasy IX. An impressive adventure which in a few words gave me an emotional connection with Wander and his faithful companion Agro. I sympathized with their pain and wiped away a tear during Agro’s selfless sacrifice. Since The Last Guardian died a silent death, every E3 is a painful reminder that I never get that feeling. Until this year. The last keeper is alive and I couldn’t be happier.

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Derek’s Disappointment – Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

When the first Animal Crossing amiibo images surfaced on the internet, I was already quite reserved. I think Animal Crossing works best on a handheld. Yet something was gnawing at me. The new Mario Kart tracks have already shown what a graphics update can do with this series. Finally, we get a Fortune Street game in an Animal Crossing jacket. The fact that the game relies heavily on not being able to obtain amiibo was the killing blow. Nintendo, I thought we were friends.


Le favori de Patrick – Horizon: Zero Dawn

Did I know anything about this game before E3? No. Is it an open world role-playing game? Yes. Are there robo dinosaurs in the game? YES! Horizon: Zero Dawn is the game that excited me the most this E3. The beautiful green and rotten world is where I really want to travel. That won’t happen, so this game will have to serve as a worthy replacement. As long as the music in Horizon: Zero Dawn stays on par with the trailer, I’ll see everything work. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it ‘in 2016’… Sigh.

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Patrick’s disappointment – Nintendo

In fact, I have to write something about the game that disappointed me the most this E3. Unfortunately, Nintendo is the first thing that comes to my mind… What will I be playing on my Nintendo systems next year? Xenoblade Chronicles X of course. Yes, Super Mario Maker probably does. Yoshi’s Woolly World has already been ordered. And Zelda Tri Force Heroes can be seen on my Nintendo 3DS screens later this year. But where were these recently announced top games? Why was Metroid for Wii U not mentioned? Where’s a new Mario Galaxy for Wii U? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them… That’s why I chose Nintendo as “the game” that disappointed me the most this E3. I hope everything will be different in 2016. Because in 2016 we will see Zelda. In 2016 we will see the NX. In 2016 we will see mobile Nintendo games. If only it was 2016… Sigh.

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Bruce’s Favorite – Just Cause 3

I am a gamer who generally enjoys complex games. RPGs with in-depth systems, historically correct strategy games, or indie games that make you think of the things in life. But with age, my taste also becomes simpler. A game shouldn’t be a complicated problem for me anymore. Just give me the crazy virtual amusement park from Just Cause 3. The only 5 minute trailer tells me enough to know that this game is exactly what my monkey brain expects. Fly with your wingsuit while terrorizing the ground with an explosive arsenal. A grappling hook that builds on that of Just Cause 2. A completely destructible open world. Yes dear fellow editors, have fun with your complex post-apocalypse or patiently wait for obscure Japanese RPGs. From December 1, you will find me in a Mediterranean paradise. Somewhere near where the helicopters were all grounded.

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Bruce’s disappointment – fake multiplayer presentations

Not really a disappointment, but what comes to mind the most. Dear editors (and I’m especially looking at you, Ubisoft), please find a better way to show multiplayer games. Five actors on a stage who would have beaten natural communication in a very forced way. It’s not believable and it gives a distorted picture of how the game plays out in practice. It is only in a fictional multiplayer setting that everyone behaves like a paramilitary. In fact, I’m already glad I didn’t hear a baby screaming in the background.


Carl’s Favorite – Doom

id Software used to enjoy an almost untouchable status. The studio squeezed one legendary game after another in the ’90s: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and the streak continues for a while. But the studio has been on the run for several years, with Doom 4 removed as a low point. Enough with that. Back to basics! The new Doom therefore appears to be a throwback to the glory days for the studio, while making old-school first-person shooters attractive again. Speed ​​and action take precedence, as Doom 3’s fantastical industrial atmosphere re-emerges. The best of both worlds. Add to that great graphics, a very sleek interface and tons of gore. I can’t wait to start this shooting festival.

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Carl’s Reception – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Skateboarding fans have been hungry for several years. Electronic Arts’ Skateboard series is on the decline right now, and the latest Tony Hawk games weren’t much. A new game from the famous Pro Skater series has to offer an ambitious and brilliant game? But no. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 gameplay demo mostly shows graphics that belong to the PlayStation 2 and animations so embarrassing it becomes painful to watch. It’s time for this veteran to retire.

Source : IGN