• From today we can play the full-fledged version of Torchlight III on PC, PS4 and XONE, and critics have released their first opinions;
  • According to them, the game is a proper action RPG, which, however, is far from outstanding and revolutionary.

The Torchlight series has served fans of hack’n’slash games for many years as a looser and stylistically different alternative to Diablo. It attracted with dynamic gameplay, cartoonish graphics and a very nicely designed cooperative mode. We had to wait eight years for the third installment of the game – the seemingly fledgling (in fact composed of former employees of Runic Games, authors of predecessors) Echtra Games studio is responsible for its creation. Can we consider Torchlight III in terms of a successful comeback? Grades Critics on the Metacritic portal are positive (average score 70/100, PC platform), but the RPG was hit on several fronts.

Selected reviews of Torchlight III

  • Game Informer – 80/100
  • Attack of the Fanboy – 80/100
  • Noisy Pixel – 75/100
  • Critical Hit – 75/100
  • SamaGame – 70/100
  • Windows Central – 60/100
  • – ​​60/100
  • Destructoid – 60/100
  • From the opinion of journalists, the most obvious is the lack of enthusiasm and greater emotions. They accuse the work of not being a step forward. It seems to work as an action RPG based on grind, but it is far from the genre excellence, which was expected to a small extent after so many years.

    The third Torchlight, on the other hand, is praised for its clear skill trees, division into specific classes and the addition of so-called relics, which help to make the game more attractive depending on the chosen path. Perhaps simplicity on such a level was not expected, but in general it is one of the main advantages of the work. The graphic layer is also far from significant progress, but according to journalists, the world has been built so carefully that this style still works great.

    The game has been available on Steam in early access for some time, but on October 13, 2020, i.e. today, patch 1.0 entered. The title has also appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and in 9 days, on October 22, it will be released on Nintendo Switch. The Polish language version was not included on any of these platforms.

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