Torchlight: Infinite Launches Major ‘Blacksail’ Update With New Season + Hero.

Today marks the launch of an exciting new update for free-to-play action RPG, Torchlight: Infinite. Titled “Blacksail,” the new season invites players on PC and mobile to brave The Sea of ​​Void with a plethora of pirate content, features, and in-game events to discover.

New content

Take on Torchlight’s new endgame boss, The Lord of the Void Sea, in a swashbuckling saga players won’t want to miss. There are plenty of rewards up for grabs with large amounts of loot to loot and boost your roster of hunters. With the launch of Blacksail, Torchlight: Infinite also welcomes a new playable hero – Cateye Erika – which can be unlocked through this season’s new battle pass. Equipped with dual blades, she is a fast, damage-dealing fighter, perfect for players who prefer an offensive style of play.

Torchlight: Infinite Launches Major ‘Blacksail’ Update With New Season + Hero

New ways to play

Existing heroes are also given time in the spotlight as the game grows with each new season. In Blacksail, fan favorites Rehan and Moto receive unlockable hero traits, creating new ways to use these characters and further optimizing builds. XD has made two gameplay videos showcasing these hero features, including Rehan’s Seething Silhouette and Moto’s Charge Calling.

Torchlight: Infinite Launches Major ‘Blacksail’ Update With New Season + Hero

Player customization is also enhanced with the addition of a new gear slot where players can equip Hero Relics, a new class of gear powered by lootable Hero Memories. Also expect 12 new Pactspirits, offering a wider selection of unique buffs to power up your heroes.

Controller support for Torchlight: Infinite is also included in this latest update, along with tweaks to balance the game’s mechanics in terms of talents, legendary gear, and random gear additions. The team has also been working on optimizations and quality of life improvements.

Torchlight: Infinite Launches Major ‘Blacksail’ Update With New Season + Hero

New events

To celebrate the launch of the latest season, players can earn login rewards between January 13 and January 19, including Revival Tokens, Hunter Supply Chests, Oblivion Points, Fantasy Crystals, and more. Not only that, from January 13 to January 27, players can participate in the Prayer’s Light event, completing Spring Festival quests to earn Celebration Lanterns. These can be exchanged for rewards such as Revival Tokens, Oblivion Points and Insight Crystals, with missions being refreshed every day.

Torchlight: Infinite Launches Major ‘Blacksail’ Update With New Season + Hero

In addition to a new battle pass packed with reward levels, there will be a Boon event – ​​Sweetheart Shooting Star – where players can unlock Erika’s Legendary Hero Apparel: Sweetheart Maid, which will unlock the following cosmetics:

  • Legendary Skin: Sweetheart “Maid”
  • Hero apparel:King of Hearts Axe
  • Skill Effect: Blind Passion
  • Body Effect:Twin Hearts
  • Footprint Effect:Heart Shooting Star

Finally, XD also announced a new community event where streamers compete against each other as they try to reach Timemark 6 and defeat the Traveler boss as quickly as possible. This is an interactive contest where supporters of streamers win rewards based on the rank of the streamer they support during the contest. To support a streamer, participants simply need to enter their special code on the Torchlight Infinite redemption menu page. All streamer supporters will immediately receive 50 Primocrysts as a welcome gift. At the end of the event, all eligible participants will win rewards based on their chosen streamer’s final placement.

Maxroll Partnership

Torchlight: Infinite Launches Major ‘Blacksail’ Update With New Season + Hero

Later this month, Maxroll will open a new section dedicated to Torchlight: Infinite. Here players can use the platform’s intuitive builder tool and game database to create and share hero builds. Maxroll is a popular resource among ARPG fans, serving big names in the genre such as Diablo III, Path of Exile, and Lost Ark. This new partnership with Torchlight: Infinite will help Hunters further perfect their character loadouts, leveling access, and endgame. and boss guides. You will see their members streaming and creating content on Twitch and YouTube ahead of the Season 2 launch.