total bet on OLED.

Philips just presented at an event in Amsterdam its new line of televisions for 2018. Among them we find several LCDs, but the flashes are taken by the four new additions to their OLED catalog: an OLED 973 that finally arrives in Europe after its presentation last year, an older brother to the 55-inch POS9002 launched in 2017, and a new model with 55 and 65-inch versions.

This is an important announcement that means a change in Philips’ strategy for OLED. Until now, the manufacturer had only launched two televisions with this technology on the market, a first model in 2016 and the aforementioned second in 2017. Therefore, they seem to have been satisfied enough to significantly increase the number of new models.

total bet on OLED

The main announcement from the manufacturer for this new range of devices is that all will use the P5 image processor developed by the company. This chip until now was reserved only for its premium ranges, but from now on it will be democratized to also reach the lower ones of its OLEDs.

Regarding the P5 image processor, the company insists that it is capable of getting sharper images, improving motion blur, reducing banding and optimizing the signal. East will be combined with Ambilight technology to deliver an immersive experience with 4K resolution, and will be joined by a peak white illumination of 900 nits.

total bet on OLED

In their new devices, Philips will continue to bet on Android TV as before, and they have announced that they will join the Google virtual assistant fever. Thus, all its 2018 models will implement Google Assistant, and so that you do not have to fight with keywords, they will incorporate a remote control with a button dedicated to waking up the assistant.

The 65-inch OLED 973 finally arrives in Europe

The first new Philips OLED is its 65-inch model 973, which was already shown for the first time at IFA 2017, and is now making its premiere on the European market, although they have not said the price. It is the current flagship of the company, which incorporates all current advances to offer a worthy competitor to the rest of the high-end Premium televisions.

total bet on OLED

One of the main differences of this TV it’s on your sound system, specifically in the sound base on which it will rest. It is a sound system with 6.1 channels, up to 60 watts and fabric manufactured by the Kvadrat company.

Philips has not forgotten to mention that this model has received the Red Dot Design Award. It has a three-sided Ambilight lighting system, UHD 4K resolution, the aforementioned P5 image processor. It stands out from the rest of the range for its HDR compatibility, including HDR10, HLG and HDR10 +. In addition, it also has the Android TV system updated to Android M, which as we have mentioned will include Google Assistant.

total bet on OLED

New 65-inch OLED 873

Then we have the new 65-inch OLED 873, on which Philips has assured that it is the older sister of its 55-inch POS9002 launched in 2017, which arrived in Europe last September. uniting OLED and Ambilight technologies. The new model therefore repeats these characteristics, but takes it all to a new level by growing to 65 inches.

As in the top-of-the-range model, this TV also combines the peak light performance of 900 nits with the wide color gamut of the OLED panel, and with the image processing of the P5. In doing so, Philips ensures that your TV can easily meet the standard for UHD Premium certification, and offer HDR10 and HLG content.

In this case, the OLED 873 does not have the complete sound equipment of the most premium range. Instead of the base, this television incorporates triple ring audio technology patented by Philips, and which is compatible with DTS HD Premium sound.

total bet on OLED

The TV stands out for its open polished aluminum frame, or an ultra-thin chassis with which they try to reduce its dimensions as much as possible. OLED panel will be framed in a narrow and thin bezel to offer, as they say, the greatest possible visual lightness, and like the rest of the models it will use Android TV as a Smart TV system.

About this model, Philips has announced will go on sale during the first quarter of 2018, although at the moment they have not given the price with which it will arrive or the specific countries where we will see it. Therefore, you will have to wait until you receive more information.

55 and 65-inch OLED 803

And finally we have the new OLED 803 55 and 65 inches, which stand out for having a much more minimalist design. Even so, it maintains the same key technologies as the rest of the models, such as the 900 nit peak light, the three-sided Ambilight lighting system and the P5 processor. Everything to make it reach the UHD Premium standard.

total bet on OLED

The 803 has a brushed metal finish, with a bezel that the company rates as super-narrow, and is completed by two narrow, horizontal metal legs arranged at right angles to the screen. Its chassis is also ultra-thin, and inside we find a Android TV equipped with Assistant, a quad-core processor and expandable internal storage of 16 GB.

The price of this model we do not know either, but Philips has said that will hit the market in the second quarter of 2018, so we may have to wait to find out more. This model will also include triple ring audio technology and support for DTS HD Premium sound.

There’s still room for LCDs

Philips has also used the event to present up to seven new LCD TV models, with screen sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches. All of them with ultra-thin designs using different types of finishes and with 4K resolutions.

Among them, the models of the 8000 Series stand out, which will also receive the P5 image processor of the OLED models, and will combine it with the NanoLED technology of its panels. They will also have a 1nm layer of nanoparticles that will absorb excess lighting to try to achieve purer colors at all viewing angles.

total bet on OLED

All LCD televisions presented today by Philips will include the Android TV operating system, and will be prepared for the arrival of Google Assistant. The exception will be marked by the 6000 Series, which will try its luck with the new Philips Saphi Smart TV platform. Regarding the new TVs, the manufacturer has said that will arrive throughout the first quarter of 2018, but has not given specific dates or prices for each of the models.

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