Transcend JetFlash 380.

So far, has not had the opportunity to test a flash drive, but as befits a mobile portal, it is a model specially created for smartphones and tablets. Because in addition to the standard USB output, thanks to which we connect the device to the computer, we also have access to the micro USB output on the other side, thanks to which Transcend JetFlash 380 also works with smartphones and tablets.

Production quality

Flash drive is a gadget that often travels with us. It must be made of a material that will withstand a lot and here Transcend decided to make almost the entire flash drive from aluminum, thanks to which there is no problem with damage resistance. The body is simple without unnecessary frills, which is also praiseworthy. On the other hand, it is difficult to talk about any special combination in performance or design with the gadget which is a flash drive. The only element that does not necessarily suit me is the plug itself that covers the microUSB output. It is made of plastic, which is not a defect, but unfortunately it is not attached to the flash drive itself, which makes it easy to lose it. The manufacturer could use a cord or wire to tie the plug itself or use a retractable micro USB output so that the plug would not be needed at all, there are many possibilities and this element could be changed.

Transcend JetFlash 380

Functionality, performance

Importantly, it must be noted at the very beginning that this flash drive is not compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Your device must be compatible with OTG technology, which you must check before buying to avoid problems sometimes. As for the performance itself, according to the manufacturer, it is 18 MB / s for reading, while writing is only 9 MB / s. On paper, it looks average, but in practice? To be honest, I had some problems with the test of the device itself, and it was not due to the shortcomings of the JetFlash 380, but to the imperfections of the software itself, which can be found on the system marked with a green robot. I wanted to test the flash drive both in the version connected to a tablet/smartphone and a computer, but unfortunately, due to the fact that the results on mobile devices differed significantly (from 3MB/s to 30MB/s for writing), I was forced to reject them and focused only on only on the capabilities when connected to a computer. Here, my benchmarks have gone much better, and the results are already comparable. I used two programs CristalDiskMark and HD Tune for this purpose. Both the first and the second gave a result of about 8 MB / s for writing, and for reading about 29 MB / s. I’ve also included screenshots of both results below. When it comes to normal operation, it’s definitely not a speed demon, but I think that the average Smith will not notice much difference and still the Transcend JetFlash 380 flash drive will do its job. Personally, in the near future I would test a flash drive that is compatible with the latest version of USB 3.0, the more that some manufacturers have already decided to implement the micro version of this output.

To sum up, currently there are not many similar flash drives on the market that can be used simultaneously when working on a computer and mobile devices. As for the workmanship, I have no objections, it is small, light, almost entirely made of aluminum (the small exception is the plug for the micro USB port), the performance is very average, but I think that it should not cause additional problems anyway. Personally, I’m waiting for the version supporting the micro USB 3.0 output, I hope that then the flash drive would show the full range of possibilities. For the Transcend JetFlash 380 we will currently have to pay about PLN 30 for the version with 16 GB of memory.

Transcend JetFlash 380