Travel App Box 1.3.

Travel App Box is an application specially designed for traveling and that gives us everything we might need when we’re away from home. With this application the user will have a package of 16 small applications that will offer us a multitude of important information during our trips. With Travel App Box we will be able to know the exchange value of the currency of the country where we are currently and instantly. Also has

an application of the status of our flight where we can check at any time if our flight leaves on time or has been delayed. On the other hand Travel App Box has a tip calculator, public transport schedules, clothing sizes according to countries, unit converter, very useful if we travel to countries that do not use the metric system, with all those applications in its system, If that is not enough for you, it also has an application that will inform us of the telephone codes of each country and emergency numbers, another option available is also phrases, where we can choose common phrases for daily use in 4 languages, in addition to Spanish. It should be noted that in the characteristics of this application each application and function that they fulfill is detailed, so we mention the most outstanding applications of Travel App Box that also has an altimeter where you can see the current altitude, the accuracy value From this data, the height at which you will begin your trip, the difference in height that we have and the maximum height during it. As you can see Travel App Box has many useful options for your trip.


Travel App Box 1.3
  • Converter for more than 30 currencies.
  • Offline Maps allows you to save a detailed map of any city or area, and makes it available online for times when there is no Internet connection – for example abroad or on an iPod.
  • Maps of the transport networks of most large cities via free InApp download.
  • Clothing size converter.
  • Tip calculator for all big countries.
  • Flight status with information about terminals, gates, punctuality, flight duration and routes.
  • Unit Converter with 12 categories including: speed, distance, weight, temperature and volume.
  • Country codes – it’s 00, 011 / You’ll never have to deal with confusing numbers and special symbols again – from 146 countries.
  • Emergency numbers for police, firefighters and emergency doctors in 146 countries.
  • Dictionary of expressions in 5 languages, employing the most commonly used phrases for shopping, finding your way around, accommodation and emergency. It also has utilities designed to be able to communicate with people.
  • Picture Dictionary with 140 pictograms for accommodation, health and food – when the language barrier is particularly difficult. With the Pictionary option, it will show us a number of simple and intelligible graphics all over the world about accommodation, food, devices, health, tools, mobility or the weather. So if we want “Bread” we simply have to show the picture of the bread and everyone will understand us.
  • Travel Games.
  • Speedometer (needs GPS).
  • Altimeter (needs GPS).
  • Vacation Countdown.
  • Free updates for travel apps is included in addition.
  • All applications apart from the flight status work without a permanent connection to the Internet. This means you can avoid high roaming charges abroad, and even use your iPod or iPad as a travel tool.
  • Speedometer and altimeter for a GPS device is needed (iPhone 3G, iPad or better). GPS does not work in buildings, tunnels or alleyways.

What’s new in version 1.3?

  • 21 new public transport maps.

Travel App Box 1.3