Jon Burton, founder of Travel stories, known study for a licensed brick-based video game series LEGO, shared news we all ignored: Apparently the studio had in mind to create an ambitious action title dedicated to The Lord of the Rings. Not a LEGO style action game, but a “serious” game with realistic graphics.

To be precise, the studio wanted to make a game based on prequel The Hobbits, because at that time the motion picture was in development (although at that point the direction was given to Guillermo del Toro and not yet Peter jackson). In an attempt to “sell” their idea, the team created a playable demo, investing an exorbitant amount, well over $ 1 million, behind it. For what had to be a simple demonstration, it was an incredible expense.

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Although the proposal is for a game about The Hobbit, the demo was made from iconic scenes from the original Lord of the Rings saga. In support of this story, Burton posted the entire demo on his Youtube channel, commenting on it live.

As you can see, in this presentation it was possible to take control of different characters and each one would have different gameplay: stealth for Frodo, magic battles for Gandalf and classic action for Aragorn. The graphics and motion capture are of a high standard considering this is a game designed for the Xbox 360 and, despite the typical imperfections of an alpha concept, the quality is there and it is. is to see.

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What happened next? Unfortunately, the rights holder of the Lord of the Rings video game, Warner Bros., did not approve of the concept because at the time they wanted a game that would follow events alongside the films and not recreate them perfectly. Traveller’s Tales then returned to work on the LEGO sets of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, which were sadly freed from a million dollars spent on a refused project.

Although this has not been confirmed by Burton, during the last generation of consoles, a game of Lord of the Rings that followed a story parallel to the events of the film was actually released: it was Lord of the Rings: War in the North, developped by Snowblind Studios. Could this be the game WB had bet on, rejecting the idea of ​​Traveller’s Tales?

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In any case, it is a pity that this game did not see the light of day, especially in the face of the lost investment. Nonetheless, TT LEGO sets are enjoyed by many, so it’s a good thing that this denial didn’t have much of an impact on the health of the study.

What do you think? Would you have liked to play this title?

Source: Kotaku

Source: Reddit