Nintendo unveiled Square Enix’s RPG Trials of Mana yesterday, in its Direct dedicated to E3 2019.

Now, on the second day of the event, Nintendo presented gameplay of Trials of Mana, during the Treehouse of the second day.

Over about 20 minutes of gameplay, Square Enix and Nintendo show you how this remake of Seiken Densetsu 3 promises to present itself as a game focused on action and with a distinct visual style.

This is an Action RPG that preserves the essence of the Secret of Mana series and you will be able to use strong attacks and strong attacks that can be chained together to form combos – throughout the game you will unlock more moves and combos.

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There are a number of features and mechanics that seem to have come directly from Dragon Quest 11 and even the game’s design itself promises to become highly familiar to anyone who has played this highly acclaimed Square Enix JRPG.

After fifteen minutes of the video, you can see cinematics, still without voices, but Square Enix ensures that Trials of Mana will present voices in English and Japanese. At 21 minutes of the video you can see a boss fight that recreates a scene from the original.

Trials of Mana will arrive in 2020 for PS4, Switch and PC.

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