No one is safe would think after the inventory and after a very interesting study with Ghost of Tsushima. We covered this in detail in our preview and while there are still doubts and question marks regarding various aspects of the exclusive PS4 developed by Sucker Punch (how duels and fights work on everything), it could there is an element capable of bringing everything into harmony: the visual aspect.

From a graphic and artistic point of view, Ghost of Tsushima is undoubtedly splendid but as we said a short time ago there could be an element capable of getting everyone to agree. Conditional. Yes, because after several comments during the live presentation, I arrived first sons who cry to a notorious degradation.

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The problem of downgrading is now an inescapable leader in practically all major productions and affects even the least deserving without discrimination. Example of the Marvel Spider-Man case, the puddlegate that actually started the digital foundry analysis, which showed that the game had even improved in some way compared to the presentations. Returning to Ghost of Tsushima, the review is as follows:

“To say that the visual aspect is not a victim of degradation, it must be the first time that we see something in the game. Don’t get me wrong, the game remains splendid but to say that it doesn’t there is no demotion is the limit, it is a lie. Lighting and shadow management has taken a hard hit, parts of the more colorful areas lack contrast and there are textures at a lower resolution than in previous videos ” .

The user who moved the review posts several videos and trailers of the game, but the ones that can be compared in one way or another are the two, the only ones of the gameplay (although the first one is without UI and seems more “choreographed” “)

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Downgrade yes, downgrade no? Maybe, but it should be emphasized that in this case most users do not seem to particularly agree with the critics. There is the awareness that development can physiologically lead to different visual and optimization choices and above all many people see absolutely no degradation.

The thread itself harboring the ‘controversy’ was closed by the moderators as there would be no evidence to back up what was said, almost a sign that talking about demotion in front of a visual masterpiece of this type is absurd.

What do you think about it? Is there a downgrade and do you think it’s fair to criticize this aspect of Ghost of Tsushima?

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