Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!.

Yo BROs, it’s finally Friday again! Weekend, party, freedom! And with a well-filled wallet, there are no limits to your partying! Cool outfit? Quickly pulled out the EC card and bought an irresistible shirt-jeans-shoes combo. Expensive alcohol? Out with the bills and in with the stuff! Sexy companions? Well, you can of course also buy them – but you can also save yourself the precious euros with the right pick-up line!

And for the DVD and Blu-ray launch of the wacky party comedy BROs BEFORE HOs – the latest creation by the NEWS KIDS makers – on February 12th, we want to present you with the best pick-up lines for skilful ripping. And tell you at the same time which puns you prefer to leave stuck!

“I must be a light switch! Every time I see you, you turn me on!” – Chance of success: 70%

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!

Every girl likes a funny guy. Every girl likes light switches. And let’s be honest: If you don’t start the first contact with a conversation about your genitals or hasty coitus, you have a relatively good hand.

“Do you have 10 minutes and 20 cm space?” – Chance of success: 10%

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!

Women want to be surprised. And when a potential partner arrives drunk and yells loudly about his size, any surprise is gone in one fell swoop – and with it the chances of a night together. PS: Speaking of 20 cm – always be on the lookout for flying phallic things in strip clubs. Anyone who looks at BROs BEFORE HOs knows what is meant.

“Nice shoes! Fancy banging?!” – Chances of success: 5%

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!

It’s no secret that the women’s world is totally into new shoes. However, if you do meet a man, it’s best for him to pay attention to the eyes, hair, or mouth first—and ignore any below-the-belt details for now. A little tip: It’s better to ask your chosen one about the chic hair color or the pleasant perfume first and then invite them to have sex!

“Are there any other attractions in the city besides you?” – Chances of success: 80%

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!

The educated guy from abroad, who apparently is not only educated, but can also use words – for many women this is a dream come true! So if you haven’t tanked up too much yet and save any sayings a la “Yeah ” for conversations between BROs, you should easily play your way into the heart of the woman of your dreams!

“There are many miracles, but you surpass them all!” – Chance of success: 95%

Disarming compliments – an indispensable element when trying to win over a woman. Short, concise sayings paired with a heartwarming message and a little smile. Whether for a relationship or for a night out: you should always have disarming compliments up your sleeve!

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!

“I am Master Proper. May I scrub your pool?” – Chance of success: 0%
“My mouth is dry. Do you have a wet tongue for me?” – Chance of success: 0%
“There are so many stars in the sky…Will you jerk me off?” – Chance of success: 0%

Honesty is the best policy. However, not if you verbally push the lout in the face of a love interest. Laughs, high fives from the boys and a legendary story for the next morning are inevitable, but you won’t win a hot night of love, an alternative place to sleep or a heart.

But there are many other sayings and moves you can use to find a partner for the night – adoptive brothers Max and Jules, who can without a doubt be described as party and pick-up kings, know this too. And if you want to learn more from the two of them, you can already look forward to February 12th – that’s when BRO’s BEFORE HOs will finally be released on DVD, Blu-ray and VoD! And then it works again with the women!

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!


Party, , watch TV: The unequal adoptive brothers Max and Jules really let it all out in their bachelor life, because they have sworn to one thing: BROs BEFORE HOs! – Relationship hell, no thanks! The two had made this pact when they were 10 years old on the day their mother left the family never to be seen again. While the cozy stoner Max is having a quiet time in the video store under his booth, the womanizer Jules prefers to hook up with the very young interns who work in his supermarket. Until Anna shows up in the video store and Max turns his head. Too bad that Jules has already made the hot bride clear and not only that: he wants to move in with the beauty! A clear breach of the brotherly pact not to let a “dirty ” into their lives!

Like NEW KIDS TURBO (2011) and NEW KIDS NITRO (2012), BROs BEFORE HOs promises to be a new highlight among bad taste comedies. At the theatrical release of the two previous films, thousands stormed the local cinemas with cans of beer and Adilettes and celebrated wild parties that are notorious to this day.

With BRO’s BEFORE HOs, the directors in the Netherlands landed another huge hit with box office earnings of almost four million euros and also diligently collected festival awards – the audience award for “Best Film” at the Netherlands Film Festival 2014, “Best Film”, “Best Actress”. and “Best Youth Film” at the Rembrandt Awards 2014. In 2013, Sylvia Hoeks was recognized for her role as a cool nerd chick with hot curves at the Austin Fantastic Fest.

Turn on, get ready, or just bang on BROs BEFORE HOs style!

BROs BEFORE HOs will be available in stores on February 12, 2015 on DVD, Blu-ray and VoD by EuroVideo.

More information about the film can be found on the official Facebook page.