During the night, like lightning, the platform Tic suspended popular streamer Dr disrespect, with a ban which, according to the latest reports, seems permanent.

Initially, he was believed to have been punished for DMCA copyright infringement, but these rumors soon turned out to be false. Some other Twitch streamers and inside sources reportedly said the issue is much bigger than you might think.

A Twitch PR rep wanted to explain what happened in an email, without going into specifics:

« We always act appropriately when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our community guidelines or our Terms of Service. These apply to all streamers regardless of their status or reputation within the community.« .

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At the time of writing, Twitch is reimbursing all users who have subscribed to the Dr. Disrespect channel, also removing their custom emoticons from the platform.

This is certainly important news because, until now, many believed that the popular streamer within Twitch was virtually “untouchable.” Last year, Dr Disrespect was suspended for bringing a minor back to the E3 toilet. Although the act itself is a serious crime, the streamer was only suspended by Twitch for a few days.

Years before all this, he publicly admitted his infidelity to his partner, and although he decided to take a voluntary hiatus from Twitch, when he returned to the limelight, he quickly became more public than he ever was. never did.

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In short, the “Doctor” earned a reputation as an over the top streamer who could cope with any situation, without receiving any punishment, which happened regularly with his less popular colleagues. Despite the disrespect, Dr. Disrespect was one of the strongest assets of the Twitch platform and seeing it permanently banned that way, it means that something really heavy has happened.

The most popular hypotheses right now would see him involved in the recent wave of sexual harassment complaints involving streamers and the gaming industry, but as of yet we have no evidence to confirm this.

The details are still shrouded in mystery: we will have to wait a little longer, before discovering the real reasons for this suspension. What do you think? What do you think happened to the iconic doctor?

Source: Kotaku

Source : Reddit