The last days, Tic it found itself in the midst of a media turmoil due to very strong claims: some users of the popular streaming platform have publicly reported episodes of abuse and indecent behavior, owned on the site by streamer partners or affiliates.

All of this would be compounded by an apparent “indifference” on the part of management: the CEO of Twitch himself, Emmett Shear, is accused because he deliberately ignores complaints and testimonies.

A Twitch streamer musician, known as Starling, he said just that, with a few posts on Twitter:

« Shear had received several testimonials from Twitch Partners who were using the platform to abuse women and I used my case as an example. He laughed and said “Wow, things that are happening on our platform I can’t comment on” and then continued without saying anything else. He didn’t do anything, he didn’t take note. It’s the culture of Twitch, sweeping the bad stuff under the rug to keep turning a profit.« .

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Starling’s story is just one of many that pop up these days. Although Twitch posted a response message, in which it denounces any misconduct on its platform, it has only triggered reactions from those who, so far, have felt ignored. It is the feeling, for example, of Samantha Wong, specialized Pokemon GO streamer:

« Knowing you, these are empty words. As a business you minimize and ignore the sexual harassment I have received and you continue to allow my predator to come to events and even give him space during E3 live on your official channel.« .

A former Twitch VP responded to Wong, revealing a bit behind the scenes:

« I was the vice president of Twitch and I was the one who communicated the incident to the HR director and CEO, with the promise that they would handle everything. The following year, the guy was still in the same VIP area at the same Twitch event. I was told he was the uncle of a vice president and an important partner.« .

The testimonies are increasing minute by minute and there is already talk of a boycott, to send a message to the platform. We’ll see how the situation unfolds in the next few days – definitely not a good advertisement for Twitch. What is your opinion on the subject?

Source: VG247

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