Twitch Who created it?.

Twitch Who created it? Twitch is recognized worldwide as the biggest platform streaming for video games. So gamers and fans of video games access it every day to enjoy its content. According to Twitch itself, visits to the platform are around 2 million visits every second.

On this site, you can have access to hundreds of thousands of channels that deal with the most popular video games. For which viewers who enjoy these games, enter Twitch to find out about tricks, routes, how to overcome obstacles in their favorite games. But they can also create their own channels.

However, Do you know the story behind this website? If you are curious to know how it originated and who were the creators of this wonderful platform, just continue reading this article.

Twitch Who created it?

Who participated in the creation of twitch?

  • Twitch had some very interesting beginnings. For the year 2007, two students graduated from the yale university They put an idea into practice. A fully online reality show called These people were Justin Kan and Emmet Shear. The reality show was about the life of Kan who had a camera attached to a cap.
  • The project was consolidated with the help of Kyle Vogt and Michael Seibe.
  • With the passing of the months and a few years, TV he was moderately successful, managing to earn as much as eight million dollars in a year. In 2011, would create and make available to viewers a by-product called Twitch.
  • This idea was born with the aim of transmitting eSports. But with the passage of time and from a transmission of a game called Chicago Bears by a teenager in the year 2008, the platform became increasingly popular and relevant among gamers.
  • The profits of the company even came to accrue more than twenty million dollars in a year

The interest of Amazon Inc.

  • In 2014, there were rumors that Google was interested in acquiring Twitch, but Amazon Inc. remained the owner of the platform, for the modest sum of billion dollars.
  • That same year, would disappear completely, closing for good and all the company’s resources went to In later years, this website did not stop growing, due to the growing interest of more and more gamer for creating their own channels, since they can even monetize their content.
  • In the year of Twitch acquisition by Amazon Inc., the platform managed to reach and break a Guinness record when a player made a stream that attracted more than a million viewers. The streams were named Twitch Plays Pokemon Red.
  • Later, Twitch has been adding more and more interesting features. As the IRL section for any user to show their skills in cooking, arts, such as singers and many other ways.
  • You can also listen to music completely free thanks to the Music section. Where song accounts from some record companies are available.