Social media and messaging apps were consolidated as open access platforms and with a business model through advertising, with a few exceptions like when WhatsApp charged to acquire the app. Now Twitter offers a different route: by subscription. This is suggested by a new job posting from the company in which they reveal they are working in a “subscription and payment client”.

The project is codenamed Gryphon and came about through a job posting posted by Twitter on its official website. In the job posting, they indicate that they are looking for an engineer to work in “the payment and subscription client”. The offer describes that they are creating a subscription platform as follows:

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We are a new team, called Gryphon. We are creating a subscription platform, which other teams can reuse in the future. It’s the first time for Twitter! Gryphon is a team of web engineers who work closely with the Payments team and the team.

Although it is not entirely clear or nothing assured, This Twitter offer allows us to speculate with all kinds of possibilities for the social network. Already in 2017, the company abandoned this possibility by wanting to offer a subscription through its most advanced client TweetDeck. But that never materialized.

An hour after the news broke, Twitter closed with a 7.34% increase in share value. Currently, 80% of Twitter’s revenue comes directly from advertising.

What would change in a paid version of Twitter

And why a subscription? Essentially to eliminate all the inconvenience the user has in providing the service for free. In other words, the show advertising and all data collected on user tastes and preferences to show you more advertising according to your need.

A paid version could also mean add new additional features only for paying customers as better tools for analyzing or customizing services. Button to edit tweets? Hard. But there are options to better control who and how to access posts, as they’ve been doing recently. We have also seen in recent months curious features such as stories or voice messages.


Perhaps this would also allow third-party apps to have more access to the Twitter API again, which would allow them to have more functions and tools to achieve a level of control similar to that of the official application.

At the same time, a one-way subscription also creates more user engagement and loyalty. When paying for the product, the link is higher. In any case, if this subscription model becomes a reality, in all likelihood, the current free model would remain.

This is not the first time that such an attempt has been made, quite the contrary., one of the most ambitious projects in this regard, also offered a subscription-based alternative to Twitter without ads. He passed away in January 2017. Another platform that also works under a subscription model and has features similar to Twitter is

Source : Engadget