Two Batmans in The Flash – Affleck and Keaton will return.

Ben Affleck will play Batman again.

Fans of the DC Comics universe have already got used to the idea that the new Dark Knight will be Robert Pattinson, who will make his debut in this role in The Batman directed by Matt Reeves. It turns out, however, that Ben Affleck will also play this superhero.

As reported by Vanity Fair, Affleck will play Batman in the movie The Flash. He was not to make this decision until a few days ago after reading the script. His enthusiasm for the return to the role surprised the producers, as the actor seemed to say goodbye to the role for good. Importantly, he will appear on the screen in a superhero outfit, and not only as Bruce Wayne.

Two Batmans in The Flash – Affleck and Keaton will return

Affleck played the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League. He was originally scheduled to return to this role in a separate film focused solely on this superhero, in which he would also be responsible for directing and screenplay, but eventually decided to abandon the project.

The Flash version of Batman played by Michael Keaton will also return.

Two Batmans in The Flash – Affleck and Keaton will return

It is worth adding that Michael Keaton, who played this character in the Batman movies, will also return as Batman in The Flash. in 1989 and Batman Returns (1992). The presence of two versions of one superhero will be possible due to the fact that the plot will focus on the effects of time travel. Interestingly, the roles of both Keaton and Affleck are to be quite large and crucial to the story. So they won’t be just small guest appearances.

Additional information was provided by TheWrap. According to them, Ben Affleck will only return to the role for one film, and his contract does not include any other cinema productions or series. Currently, everything indicates that The Flash is to allow the actor to say goodbye to this character.

Two Batmans in The Flash – Affleck and Keaton will return

All of this will in no way affect The Batman movie. For Warner Bros. Entertainment Robert Pattinson is still the future of the Dark Knight. We also know that HBO Max is already working on a series about Gotham City Copswhich will be associated with the theatrical production of Matt Reeves. However, there are many indications that this part of the brand will be separated from the rest of the movie universe. Fans speculate that instead of Pattinson in the next Justice League, we could see Keaton as a mentor for the group.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this weekend promises to be a lot for fans of the Dark Knight. During the virtual DC FanDome event, we will see a teaser of The Batman movie and a trailer for Justice League: Snyder Cut.

Two Batmans in The Flash – Affleck and Keaton will return
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