Director World of Warcraft Jon Hazzikostas stays at home in self-isolation and communicates with the streamers. Not long ago, he appeared on the Slooty Mctoot show and spent time with French streamers Zoltan and Cinderys, with whom he discussed the future of the game.

Since Snow storm it only took a week to transfer all the work to remote mode, while the team has no plans to transfer the output of a big add-on World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and a preliminary patch. Another thing is that these dates are still not defined.

According to Hazzikostas, the patch will take place primarily in Northrend, primarily in Icecrown, where the Lich King’s throne was located. We need to know what happened to the undead after Dominion’s helmet was destroyed and if Nathanos managed to escape punishment.

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Comment ad Blizzard, for the patch, will also remove restrictions on the number of Demon Hunters on the server. The “one per server” rule was introduced at the start of their high level journey, 98. In Shadowlands, Demon Hunters and Death Knights are created at level 8.

The manufacturers are still planning two major “registered” fixes for Shadowlands. But plans can change. In particular, under the pressure of demands from the Death Loa players, Bwonsamdi will appear in Shadowlands, although he was not initially invited.

Hazzikostas explained that Blizzard still hasn’t made a final decision on changing the clauses. Initially, it was stated that an alliance can be chosen once and for all. Over time, the rules have been relaxed: you can now leave the alliance, but it is very difficult to join.

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But, as the game director admitted, the die-hard residents of Azeroth are willing to do anything for a small profit. This was demonstrated by the Azerbaijani skill change system: the price hike was supposed to scare players off at one point, but it didn’t work out very well.

What will appeal to many is that it will no longer be necessary to receive the Achievements of the Draenor Pioneer and the Broken Isles Pioneer to fly to Draenor and Legion locations. It is not yet decided how to flee to Fight for Azeroth, but a link to new player complaints has already been made.

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Soon, Shadowlands alpha test participants will see the Horde starting point and after a few weeks they will add Womb, a high level area. Its special thing is that spending a lot of time in it won’t work, like in Visions of N’Zoth. The heroes attract the attention of the Guardian, and his influence grows with every minute.

Source: Game Informer