The space race is adding another challenger in recent years: Arab Emirates. The Middle Eastern country, after successfully launching its space probe towards Mars, now seek to place a rover on the lunar surface. The goal is to achieve it by 2024, but it will not be easy, so far only three countries have achieved it successfully.

It is not the first great space mission of the United Arab Emirates, that milestone corresponds to its Martian mission. The probe launched in collaboration with Japan already on the way to mars. And while it arrives they plan their next mission: to conquer the Moon. Previously they also placed their first astronaut on the International Space Station.

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The goal of the United Arab Emirates is send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon within four years, as announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. However, they have not yet given many details about the mission beyond that it will be a ship of national manufacture and that it will study “areas that have not been previously explored by human missions.”

The concept of the rover that the United Arab Emirates plans to place on the Moon in 2024.

He rover emirates study the lunar surface, mobility on the moon’s surface, and how different surfaces interact with lunar particles. Among its characteristics the rover it will weigh about 10 kilograms and will mount two high-resolution cameras, one microscopic and the other thermal. We will likely know more in the coming months as mission plans and the ship’s construction are detailed.

The race to be the fourth country to step on the Moon

Until now only three countries have managed to reach the moon successfully, even though it is the star that is closest to us. Russia through the former USSR and the United States were the first to do so, even placing astronauts there. After them decades have had to pass until another country has reached the Moon, it is China. China made history last year by first reaching the far side of the Moon and landing its rover. He has left us incredible photographs and also a multitude of data for scientific research.

While we have these success stories, there are also some of failure. One of the most relevant and recent is a from Israel. Israel tried to land on the Moon without success last 2019 and in the process scattered thousands of tardigrades across the lunar surface. India is also worth mentioning, which with a much smaller budget tried unsuccessfully to reach Earth’s satellite. They will try again.


We will see how lucky the UAE is in a few years. 2024 looks promisingIt is also the year that NASA hopes to place the first female astronaut on the Moon.

Source : Engadget