Ubisoft’s new event, Ubisoft Forward, featured the latest news from the French company for the coming months. A new franchise payout announcement that had already been leaked and extended gameplays some of his next successes were the culmination of a presentation in which the three major franchises of the house shone: “Watch Dogs”, “Assassin’s Creed” and “Far Cry”.

here are the overnight news at Ubisoft Forward.

Watch Dogs Legion

A spectacular short from Spanish animator Alberto Mielgo, with a squeaky aesthetic a very well captured futuristic atmosphere of neon lights, social media and onomatopoeias and textures reminiscent of “Spider-Man: A New Universe” was the cover letter for the new gameplay of “Watch Dogs Legion”. Of course the gameplay This futuristic sandbox was a lot less eye-catching, but a few cool ideas came up. The game will be available on October 29, 2020.

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All the emphasis has been placed on the idea that absolutely any character in the game can be integrated into the player’s rebel forces in its confrontation with the private military company Albion. To demonstrate this, footage with different characters was seen: a construction worker armed with keys and nail guns, a drone expert, a rebellious employee of Albion herself, a purely English drunkard and a hitman. . Depending on the characteristics of each player, the player’s strategies will be more oriented towards stealth, frontal collision or aerial strategies.


The popular ‘Super Smash Bros.’ style arcade fighting game confirmed the date of his coming to IOs and Android mobile devices on August 6. Among the most notable features were fully customizable controls to fit touchscreens and cross play with other platforms, to be able to compete with players who play on PC or desktop console. This isn’t the only mobile game Ubisoft commented on during their event: there was also a brief discussion on “Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad”, which opens its pre-registration, and “Might and Magic Era if Chaos”, a tactical RPG with PVE and PVP content.

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Hyper scape

The battle royale with which Ubisoft wants to stand up to “Fortnite” announced its availability now in open beta for PC. In addition to what has already been seen and announced, new customization modes, weapons, hacks and also some additional possibilities are added on Twitch: viewers can progress through the Battle Pass by watching the streams, and streamers They will be able to directly invite their viewers to join their team.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Details on the new installment of the most popular UbiSoft saga continue to be revealed, this time with a full rundown of the missions and game mechanics. This time around, the player will command a Norwegian clan trying to settle in Britain and develop their community. The combat system has been redesigned to give it a more intense and brutal touch, with new weapons such as bow, hook and various execution moves. Weapons can be combined in pairs, one in each hand, resulting in very different fighting styles.

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Stealth will also be present in the attack possibilities, as it could not be less in an ‘Assassin’s’, and this time they will have more weight. raids in a group of enemy bases. Clan mates will be able to help us recover and team up to pass the tests. It looks like Viking magic and mythology will have a slight role in the game’s development, as well as other vital aspects in a sandbox like exploring or hunting.

Far Cry 6

Finally, and without any gameplay, but with a spectacular cutscene, ‘Far Cry 6’ has been presented, which already has a release date: February 18th. Giancarlo Expósito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian) will be the new violin in this story set on the troubled tropical island of Yara. The player will of course be part of the resistance against the dictator and will have the opportunity to face him in a game whose aesthetic draws from recent fictions like “Narcos”.

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Source : Engadget