Ultralingua offers one of the best catalogs of dictionaries with versions for different platforms (iOS, OS X, Windows). Now, the developer company has just presented a completely renewed version of its iOS application, with a radical change that aims to improve the user experience.

The application has been completely redesigned, but the main novelty is that it is centralizes in a single app the more than 30 applications currently available, being able to acquire the dictionaries as inApp purchases.

The dictionaries are not cheap (the Spanish-English one, for example, costs almost €15), but they offer a quality that is well above other similar applications. The content is completely downloaded to the device (the application is universal and, therefore, the same purchase works for iPad and iPhone), so it is not necessary to have an internet connection to access the dictionary.

In addition to the change in philosophy, another series of important innovations have been introduced. Among other:

  • Favorites. We can mark certain words as “favorites” to access them more quickly in the future
  • Translated Verb Conjugations
  • Improved searches
  • The results are displayed as we type the word we want to find
  • Allows you to search for abbreviations
  • We can see phrases and examples along with the translation
  • The application allows you to test the dictionaries before purchasing

For the moment the old apps they will continue to exist and, therefore, will be available in the App Store. However, they will only have minor updates (to fix bugs or maintain compatibility with the latest versions of iOS), but will not incorporate new features. Therefore, we do not recommend its purchase to new users.

One of the main disadvantages of the new version is that those who already have one of the old applications will not be able to incorporate the dictionaries purchased into the new application, so they will have to buy them again. The company has indicated that it cannot make a special discount for current customers (App Store regulations prevent discounts for certain customers, having to be applied to all users), although it has promised specific offers for the purchase of the dictionaries. In fact, on the occasion of the launch of the application, today and tomorrow all dictionaries will have a discount of fifty%.

Universal app can be downloaded ultralingua from the App Store (iTunes link) so free. Dictionaries are purchased as in-app purchases

More information: Ultralingua Blog