Umbrella Corps – game review.

The announcement of Resident Evil VII made a sensation at this year’s E3. A mysterious house, secrets and a terrifying atmosphere. However, before we sink into these chilling pleasures, quite unusual production appeared on the market for the universe of the living dead. Capcom invites customers to a dynamic shooter that should never arise. Were it not for the announcement of REVIA, we could say “so is lost the legend.”

Umbrella Corps – game review

In September last year, Capcom surprised us with the presentation of “Biohazard: Umbrella Corps”. The game was announced at the Tokyo fair and at the beginning there were many positive opinions. The players participated in the first duels, checked their weapons, avoided zombies and everyone thought that the presented fragment of the project was just the beginning of the prepared pleasures. As it turned out, the Japanese haven’t spent the last few months developing the production, because the full version of the title is extremely modest. Demo versions are rare in recent months, but when they do come out, they have more content than the reviewed product. A pity, because the prepared code has “moments” that you can really enjoy.

Where’s the content? Where’s the climate? Where to refine?

I’m not gonna beat around the bush and icing the sperm whale. Umbrella Corps is a third-person shooter, but while aiming with a gun, the camera dynamically presents the events from the hero’s eyes. The creators adopted the concept of surprisingly dynamic duels, so the heroes like panthers run around the maps, in a second they can lie down on the ground, and then crawl around places like small gazelles. It doesn’t fit the Resident Evil universe at all and I very much regret it’s a spin-off of this great series. You won’t find any plot in the game, but the publisher decided to outline the events – the gameplay was set 2 years after the Resident Evil 6 action. The players become hired soldiers who have to seize the secret documents of the Umbrella Corporation. The well-known company has conducted many experiments that should not see the light of day, and the task of mercenaries is to find information. Of course, the plot itself is not presented in a larger way in the position, and the gameplay is based on clashes between two three-person teams.

Umbrella Corps – game review

However, I must point out at this point that the game basically has two modes for online gameplay. “One life”, i.e. competition without respawns (when we die, we have to wait for the end of the round) and “Multiple tasks”, in which formations must perform designated missions. The first variant of the game is a standard game known from many shooters, and the competition does not stand out with anything special. I like tasks in which teams play up to three points (Best of 5) – at the beginning of the mission, we receive a short message and we have to cover the selected place (Domination), kill packed zombies, eliminate as many enemies as possible, get blood from slaughtered dead, collect collars abandoned by opponents, crush designated targets, or fight for suitcases with documents. In fact, every element of “Multiple Tasks” appears in other shooters, but the inability to make a choice is totally incomprehensible to me. Competitors have to rely on artificial intelligence and even if I liked getting the taste from previously killed rivals, I can’t tire this mode to boredom, because… No. The game has only two variants of competition and that is where the fun ends.

Okay, I wouldn’t be fair to not mention single-player content yet. The title can be played with artificial intelligence, but I do not recommend anyone to waste time. The creators have prepared several missions consisting in collecting data and eliminating new rivals, although such struggles are simply boring. No climate, no scary scenes … This is not how the next installment of the Resident Evil universe should look like.

Umbrella Corps – game review

I would probably still experience one sensible mode in which I can’t make any decisions, but Capcom has not even refined the network code. From the very beginning, the production welcomed me with a totally broken matchmaking (competition of three players at 1/2/3 lvl vs. a formation consisting of hounds of 20+ lvl), problems with finding rivals, tiring lags, kicking from servers and host migration lasting several dozen seconds. The last element is so much fun that in a 3 vs. 3 the lack of one player is really acute, but do not dream about co-opting the missing player to the team … This function has surpassed the authors.

Shooting? Better to run with a scythe

Capcom took care of creating a production based primarily on the struggle in the Internet and forgot to look after the servers. It may sound funny, but it’s hard to laugh out loud during the game. Sure, problems do not occur in every match, but such inconvenience in an almost exclusively multiplayer game should never occur.

Umbrella Corps – game review

For each match played, players are rewarded with experience points, and then they gain levels, thanks to which they receive new weapons, accessories for toys, clothes, paints for painting costumes or weapons, or stickers. There are plenty of options and we almost constantly come across some interesting elements during the game. The problem, however, is the balance, which has been botched – during the game, 90% of players run with an pickaxe and eliminate their opponents up close. As a consequence, most of the duels involve quickly moving around the maps and hunting for rivals looking for victims. Initially, I wanted to try normal gameplay with rifles, but it is definitely less effective.

It is definitely worth mentioning here that in the case of churning others with a metal blade, I have repeatedly encountered a bug, which caused me to kill an opponent standing out of my reach. This bug looks more like an underdeveloped production code, because the animation stops, an enemy suddenly appears and my soldier sticks a blade into his head. Total misunderstanding.

Undoubtedly, the “runners’ fight” is influenced by the maps, which are small, full of obstacles and, in total, thanks to such design efforts, the excessive use of white weapons was made possible. There are only seven locations, and in fact only two of them have larger spaces where we can position ourselves well and kill other “athletes”. After all, it is the spots that bring back the best memories, because we will come here to the village of Resident Evil 4, or to a well-known police station. In both cases, and throughout the production, the graphics are a deterrent, but at least it’s a nice touch that connects the project with the great universe.

Umbrella Corps – game review

In games from under this blade, zombies can never be missing, which in Umbrella Corps appear on all maps. Seemingly, they do not hurt players much, but it is enough to hurt their rival for opponents controlled by artificial intelligence to show unbridled ferocity. At first I thought it was an unnecessary addition, but this particular element turned out well.

There are moments

You know what’s the funniest thing? There are “moments” in the title. Sometimes it is pleasant to shoot, it is great to stick the pickaxe in the head of the opponent, and sometimes even companions who work together. Unfortunately, these are only “moments”, and usually the gameplay is chaos seasoned with big bugs, problems with animation, funny balance and lags. This universe deserves really decent productions … The concept does not fail at times, but the lack of content hurts in every smallest aspect. This is not Resident Evil.