Unmissable Battle Pass! Time to go back to Dota 2.

With an arboreal, forest theme, in the best Night Elves style of the old warcraft 3, where Dota was conceived, The International 2019 Battle Pass, also called the Compendium, is live. There are so many exciting new features and so much content, it’s no surprise that the addition to the tournament’s prize pool has already surpassed 10 million dollars, surpassing all previous years in collections in relation to launch time.

The most relevant innovations are in matchmaking, which experimentally brings several requests from the community, such as the option of not finding a specific player in your ranked team and a trainer mode, where players with more MMR can teach less skilled players to win .

The bugle has already sounded and the creeps are heading to the lanes, check out below why this is the best compendium in history and why you should be playing Dota 2.

Unmissable Battle Pass!  Time to go back to Dota 2

What’s New in Ranked

Those who purchase the Battle Pass will be able to test the new features for matchmaking. The main one is the possibility of preventing a specific player from falling into your team when playing. As you know, Mobas are taken over by toxic players, who contribute little to their team but love to get in the way by shamelessly using their microphone. It will now be possible to ask the game not to put these people on your team, individually blocking those who interfere with your fun.

Unmissable Battle Pass!  Time to go back to Dota 2

Another new feature is the trainer mode. Players will be able to take on the role of manager of a team with at least 1,000 points less than MMR. The coach will be able to indicate heroes for the team to choose and help choose the best moment to make the main decisions of the match.

At the end, the coach is evaluated by the players and can earn points in the Compendium thanks to the coaching challenges.

Unmissable Battle Pass!  Time to go back to Dota 2

Another novelty of the Battle Pass for the end of the match is to choose the MVP, the player who played best on the winning team. The winner of the poll gets some animations before the next game to let them know that they dominated the previous game, in addition to having their feat exposed to their friends who are playing at the time.

The Party Finder, on the other hand, serves to put the players you enjoyed playing together in a list, without having to add them to your Steam account. When you get back in the game, just give the signal through the Party Finder to let everyone on the list know you’re looking for a team.

Unmissable Battle Pass!  Time to go back to Dota 2

And finally, the systems of doubling the bet on winning to gain more MMR -or lose more- and that of choosing your position before starting the search, come back to give you a plus when it comes to playing the most difficult games.

Tons of Content

The main reason for the Battle Pass to exist is to reward players with high quality items to compensate for the dedication spent to accumulate points. There are thousands of levels to conquer through daily challenges, betting on games, following The International matches and several other ways.

Unmissable Battle Pass!  Time to go back to Dota 2

This year has sensational prizes for several levels, such as a version of Ax fighting only with his hands, an arcana for Tiny, a child version for Invoker, living towers in the best Warcraft 3 style, personalized couriers, Theme-themed creeps International and much, much more.

In addition, they still have the classic immortal treasures, which guarantee a premium item for one of the different heroes present in each treasure, with unique animations that change certain skills. There will be 3 treasures by the end of The International, each with 11 items. The first is available now and features some of the fan favorite heroes like Naix, Earth Shaker and Drow Ranger.

The Battle Pass can now be purchased for R$38.90 on Steam and also has several more expensive modes that already guarantee several levels from the start. With the servers full of players, this is the best time to get back to playing Dota 2. You can find more information right on the Dota 2 website.

Unmissable Battle Pass!  Time to go back to Dota 2