Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?! A splitpush monster! How to play it?.

Want to meet one of the best characters to splitpush right now? Something you probably wouldn’t expect – Sivir from Unsealed Spellbook?! Yes, it works – even better than you think!

And as a standard, you can understand what the gameplay looks like with such a Sivira and hear my opinion about this pick – check it out!


Skills: W, Q, E followed by: R > Q > W > E
Summoners: Flash + Heal (Change to teleport if you need it)
Starting items: Relic Shield + Refillable Potion
Core: Essence Reaver, Berserker’s Greaves, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Lord Dominik’s Regards, Guardian Angel

Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?!  A splitpush monster!  How to play it?



Inspiration tree

Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?!  A splitpush monster!  How to play it?
  • Unsealed Spellbook: 25% summoner cooldown reduction + ability to change spells (which is great when going for splitpush).
  • Biscuit Delivery: Alternative – Perfect Timing, although Sivir is a fairly safe character in the laning phase and should be able to survive (even without kills). Pick it based on your opponent’s composition.
  • Minion Dematerializer: Alternative – Magical Footwear, but for a character that’s so great at pushing lane, this rune makes it even easier to clear the lane of minions. This choice maximizes her potential as a splitpusher.
  • Cosmic Insight: That or Celestial Body – CI will be just better in most situations. However, if you’re playing against, for example, a Draven + Leon combo (which is something that will hurt a lot in lane), then CB should be a better choice.

Precision tree

  • Overheal: *Relic Shield meta*, and this gives Sivir even more survivability.
  • Legend: Alacrity: This rune allows you to further maximize Sivir’s potential – especially since we build mostly undercover, so the extra AS is a really good thing.

We have a build in mind? Now it’s time for the more important thing:

Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?!  A splitpush monster!  How to play it?

Why does it work and what are the advantages of such a build?

  • Safe lane phase

Sivir is one of the safest early game characters – it’s a fact and it’s hard to argue that. Thanks to her amazing clear even without Fleet Footwork it works great. Against other Targon + Fleet users, it’s even easier, because the opponents also don’t have high damage.

  • More gold!

Farming Sivir is gold… well almost – although even without any keystone she is doing great with farming. With Inspiration allowing her to focus solely on farming, Sivir will be the character with the highest farm in the game.

Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?!  A splitpush monster!  How to play it?
  • Overheal + Targon

The lack of a Precision keystone doesn’t make much of a difference to Sivir in the game as Overheal is now the most needed in this… quite interesting ADC meta anyway. This allows her to use Targon even more effectively – the meta is hard to fight.

  • -25% CD on summoners + being just a lane push machine

What can an ADC sometimes miss? survivability. How can an ADC save himself? Thanks to the barrier/heal – and thanks to the Unsealed Spellbook, Sivir can use such summoners 25% faster. In addition, the ability to change e.g. healing to teleport (when we know that we are able to push e.g. top and step on a bot) is something that can be really strong in a normal game.

What might be weak?

  • Damage in the late

Sivir can make up for all the damage she lacks with gold, but in late they’re all equal, so… crap? However, with such a pick, we want to finish the game before full late, so I don’t think it threatens us that much.

Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?!  A splitpush monster!  How to play it?


I’ll be honest – this is a very good pick when we have someone in the team who can replace ADC – Vayne on top or Kindred in jg for example.

  • Why?

Very often by pushing, we leave our allies to their fate – even if they start a 4v5 TF, there is a chance that they will win it / not everyone will die because: a) someone replaced us as the source of damage, b) it’s us we become the number 1 target when we push (for example) a bot. It is for such situations that the Unsealed Spellbook rune seems to be created!

Also, a word has to be said that it’s not a “perfect pick” – but it does quite well. More of my thoughts in the video.

Unsealed Spellbook + Sivir?!  A splitpush monster!  How to play it?

And how about the evaluation of this pick?

Solid Tier 1 – play and try it for yourself, it’s worth it!

And as usual, my longer sentence on this pick (if you want to skip all the chatter about the build itself, skip to around 2:20)!