Until the end – try it

Until the end it is a seemingly harmless action-adventure that, at our expense, we discovered possessing a true brutal soul similar to that of souls. To develop it, it is a team made up of only two people, husband and wife, who took care of every aspect, from the initial design to the graphic style. Even the soundtrack!

The demo version that we tested fortunately allowed us to face a tutorial, essential to learn a combat system which proved surprisingly deep and original. To venture into the game without having assimilated it at best is to go through a long series of deaths, some seemingly inexplicable. Yes, because in Unto The End, it is possible to find yourself completely disarmed and find yourself torn to pieces by a single blow, even by the first enemy you meet.

Unlike most action-adventure games, in which the protagonist progresses over time by increasing his power and the variety of movements, in this title you will have everything immediately. The only thing that will keep you from proceeding quickly towards the end will be the complete lack of experience, which will often make you too reckless. The button shuffling here doesn’t work, even for a second. To use it is to sign an extremely premature death in the blood.

To prevent this from happening, it is first necessary to assess exactly the best time to attack, with high or low shots depending on the gaps that the opposing defense will offer you. In the same way, you will have to be ready to block or dodge the attacks, and in the case to give a strong shoulder to offset the enemies, which already in this preliminary version proved to be very demanding.

That’s all? No, not even by dream. You can simulate a shot, roll behind the enemy to strike a slash in the back (as long as you are fast enough) or put it in difficulty with a throwing weapon which must then be recovered in case you want to use it again. All this applies to confrontations against a single opponent, imagine what we will have to do in the presence of several enemies.

The brevity of the demo at our disposal unfortunately did not allow us to appreciate the most adventurous component of Unto The End, the one that will make us live many ramifications both of history and of the seemingly linear nature alone As always, the greatest sacrifices and risks will also bring the greatest rewards, but to get hold of them we will have to use the resources we find throughout the journey sparingly and meticulously.

Obviously, the biggest enemies cannot be directly addressed, but alternative means will have to be found.

In moments of rest, we can breathe in front of small but comforting bonfires, where it is also possible to make new equipment, toned to recover energy (and God knows if we will need it) and torches, which we will find to be one of the most useful.

In fact, we can use them both to light caves filled with deadly dangers almost certainly and as improvised but effective secondary weapons. We can also sleep before resuming the trip, which will often kick off dream sequences that will allow us to train specific combat techniques, but also to discover pieces of the protagonist’s past.

The graphic style chosen for Unto The End is minimalist but the mixture of low-poly elements and chromatic contrasts makes it very fascinating. The developers made essential but fluid and convincing animations, and chose not to give the protagonist’s facial expressions.

During the fights, you will also have to learn to improvise: the important thing will never be to lower your guard.

What the poor man will experience, however, will be clearly visible in the form of more or less copious blood flow, which we will have to keep under control with herbs and decoctions to look for everywhere and to make if necessary.

It’s best to be clear right away, however: if you’re not a patient gamer, Unto The End is probably not the game for you. If, on the other hand, you like demanding tests, those that hit you in the most delicate places before giving you satisfaction, immediately put this game on your wish list, the release of which is scheduled for a date still uncertain on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Source : Eurogamer.it