Fire Emblem’s tactical RPG and massive ‘Musou’ action come together in a different story set in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses universe.

The premiere of the long-running role-playing and strategy saga Fire Emblem in nintendoswitch was quite an event in 2019 with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A fantasy world, a military academy with students from three important houses that cooperate and compete, a cast of charismatic characters between students and teachers that created countless fans around the world, a plot that diverges into three different routes that evolve into great conflicts , alliances and betrayals playing for what each house considers to be the throne of Fódlan,…

Toshiyuki Kusakihara, director of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, wanted to create a different story inspired by the taiga, a Japanese television style based on long-running series that narrate historical conflicts, and in which the characters grow, relate and die. . Fire Emblem: Three Houses was, without a doubt, the taiga of the Fire Emblem saga, and continuing with the television or cultural formats, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, would be a ‘spin-off’ and, also, a ‘what-if’ ‘, an alternative story in a world already known that puts the characters in a different situation starting from a turning point with a different result.

In this case it is not byleth who meets the heir leaders of the three great nations of Fódlan, but Shez, the protagonist of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes who turns out to be a mercenary with an important mission. Shez searches for answers after suffering a humiliating defeat to the mysterious Shadow Scourge. The encounter with Shez creates an alternative history, but even so, the player will have to choose which of the three houses to ally with: the house of the Black Eagles, whose delegate is Edelgard, crown princess of the Empire of Adrestia; the Blue Lions, led by Dimitri, prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus; or the Golden Deer, the house from the Leicester Alliance, whose future representative will be Claude.

The fact that Byleth does not become a professor at Garreg Mach’s monastery, as was the case in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, precipitates the atmosphere of war that exists in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and therefore not only the tone of the plot and the characters, but also the playable aspect, changes. Turn-based strategy battles on a grid are left aside to adapt a direct combat style, a musou (Japanese for “unequaled”) in which the protagonist shows his unparalleled power by taking down hundreds of enemies with a sword blow. .

The combination of the Fire Emblem and Warriors sagas is not only in the war environment and the characters. In addition to a story that delves deeper into the ins and outs of the wars, the plans, the betrayals, and the consequences of these conquests, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes allows you to unleash strategies in real time on the battlefield by allowing you to deploy Up to eight characters at a time, some of them controllable, and others that you can give orders to accomplish different objectives simultaneously.

All the beloved cast of characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses return, and their support conversations between combats also return, allowing those who do not know them yet to discover the relationships between interesting characters, and those who remember their beloved students can delve much deeper into their personalities. Support conversations also increase the battle effectiveness of units, so it’s good to take advantage of the camp between battles to talk to all the characters, cook for them, give them tasks, train or go on excursions to strengthen bonds.

In battle, it is not useful just to take your favorite units and that they are well integrated. Fire Emblem’s signature triangle of weapons (swords beat axes, axes beat spears, and spears beat swords) also makes an appearance in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, along with level-up stats, different classes in which that each character can be specialized, skills and magic spells to learn by mastering different classes and many more features, which elevate the direct action of the musou genre to a much more strategic combat, worthy of Fire Emblem.

Players can begin their new adventure in Fódlan with the free demo of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, now available on the Nintendo eShop from Nintendo Switch. In the early stages of the adventure, you will be able to choose which of the three houses to support, and you will be able to transfer all your progress to the full version of the game.

Which house will you ally with this time? Forge relationships with a charismatic cast of characters, engage in massive battles, and guide the steps of a mercenary destined to disappear from the pages of Fódlan history in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesan alternative and independent adventure set in the beloved universe of Fire Emblem: Three Housesnow available exclusively for nintendoswitch.