Update for PUBG Mobile introduces martial arts festival with Bruce Lee.

This Friday (6), PUBG Mobile will release its new update, version 2.4, including the game’s first martial arts festival, Martial Clash. With the arrival of martial arts master Bruce Lee, players looking for a challenge worthy of a black belt can participate in a variety of martial arts-related activities and unlock special commemorative items.

In addition, the new and revamped Metro Royale mode brings a new map called Misty Port, new weapons and vehicles arrive on the battlefields, and Cycle 4, Season 10 and the Royale Pass Month 19 bring a host of new cosmetics to be unlocked .

More details below, via press release:

Update for PUBG Mobile introduces martial arts festival with Bruce Lee

In version 2.4, PUBG Mobile is aiming for the knockout by introducing Martial Clash, a festival celebrating martial arts with brand new items, events, and spaces that will be available to explore in Erangel and Livik. Players can use the agile Dancing Lion vehicle, stored in their backpacks, to quickly transport themselves and a friend across the battlefield, with the ability to jump and run. However, these vehicles will only appear in the new Martial Arts Arenas, which are scattered across the maps – half of which are open and the other half, locked until the end of a countdown.

New items include a stylish Grappling Hook to get out of tight spots and the Bow, a ranged weapon ideal for stealth play that can deal damage to a wider area with Explosive Arrows as well as Regular Arrows!

Update for PUBG Mobile introduces martial arts festival with Bruce Lee

Players can now go on fierce revenge missions with the new A Matter of Honor feature. After being taken out of elimination by a teammate, players can hunt down the enemy that eliminated them within a specific time frame. If the avenger successfully carries out his revenge, he will receive rewards; if he fails, the target is who will receive the rewards.

Blessed Kites and Lanterns, which drop crates when destroyed, are scattered throughout urban areas and above Martial Arts Arenas. Also, the new Kung Fu Dumpling consumable can restore Health and Energy!

Update for PUBG Mobile introduces martial arts festival with Bruce Lee

PUBG Mobile brings international icon Bruce Lee to version 2.4 in partnership with The Bruce Lee Family Company. Starting January 10th, the Bruce Lee Soul of Kung Fu Set, the Bruce Lee Martial Expert Set, and the Bruce Lee Sr. Kung Fu will be available to provide players with different iconic looks of the martial arts master. Several cosmetic skins for vehicles, parachutes, and more are also available, as well as Bruce Lee-themed emotes.

Lastly, players can participate in the Dream Apprentice event from January 10-26 to gain access to exclusive rewards as they accompany Bruce Lee through a series of challenging trials.

Update for PUBG Mobile introduces martial arts festival with Bruce Lee

The PUBG Mobile version 2.4 update also brings major upgrades to firearms and vehicles. Starting today, the new AAC Honey Badger firearm will be available in Erangel, Sanhok and Livik, with 7.62mm rounds and a high rate of fire, making it perfect for close quarters combat! Additionally, FAMAS will be available in Erangel, while QBZ, SMG, and Moto Ride mechanics have been improved. Finally, two-person motorcycles are available and can be found in Miramar and Livik, as well as Erangel. Mountain Bikes will now also be accessible in the Livik Desert.

Back in the action with significant improvements, on January 9th is Metro Royale mode revamped with a new map, Misty Port, which comes with more supplies, transport routes, and NPC enemies and bosses for an improved PvE experience. Players can now access Metro Royale Black Market Giveaway Packs, including the Premium Weapons Pack and Premium Armor Pack, which can be purchased with Metro Cash. Other updates include new Legendary gear with 1-2 special traits, four new salable items only available on the new map, increased armor resistance against explosives, and increased inventory capacity.

Version 2.4 will also welcome Cycle 4, Season 10 on January 17th! A new set of Legendary items awaits players, along with a new title archive system for deeper tracking of Season Title History, as season completion progresses. There are also changes to the Conqueror level of the tier system, now with mini-levels and 100-point stars, and four new season titles (Phenomenon, Mighty, Medic, and Apex).

Update for PUBG Mobile introduces martial arts festival with Bruce Lee

Finally, also arriving on January 17th is Royale Pass Month 19: Burning Blood, which brings new rewards, updated RP favorites boxes, as well as access to your favorite rewards from previous seasons. The Golden Chicken server, RP point bonuses and group purchase will also continue to roll out, as well as a host of new RP quests that can be completed in Metro Royale.