Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge.

This is your chance to put your virtual photography skills to the test. Do you shoot better in-game pictures than anyone else? Then join the big Power Unlimited Screenshot Challenge!


An update of the Screenshot Challenge? You can see all the screenshots that have been sent here! Unfortunately, this is not the case. Something went wrong. Shortly after posting this feature, Lupe received a new intern email address, while the old address was still in this message. As a result, the submitted screenshots did not arrive.

Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge

But don’t worry, we’ll just try it again and even add some extra motivation. If you send your most beautiful screenshot to [email protected] your chance to be in the Power Unlimited of August! I still form the expert jury.

So it is not entirely convenient, but nothing can be done about it. The deadline has been moved to Tuesday July 4th and anyone who has already sent a screenshot can simply forward that same email to the correct email address.

Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge

Honorable mention:

There was one person who didn’t even look at where to send his screenshot and sent it to the editorial email. Because of this Enzevil right now the only person we got a screenshot of and it’s a beautiful one from Far Cry Primal right away. Do you think you can do better than Enzevil and do you want to be in the PU? Send an email to [email protected]!

Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge

Original message:

We all love to capture cool moments, breathtaking views or clever details in games in a screenshot. That is not surprising, because games nowadays can be so insanely beautiful that you can easily conjure up the most artistic images. Moreover, with all current gen systems it is a matter of a push of a button and many games also come with tools such as a photo mode. Because we are very curious about what beautiful images you can all capture on the proverbial sensitive plate, it is time for a competition!

Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge

Enough bullshit, get to work!

What should I do? Send your most beautiful, self-made screenshot to [email protected], with the subject PU Screenshot Challenge. Please also mention your PUmmunity name or your real name, that’s great for the results.

Deadline: Tuesday July 4th.

Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge

All games, with or without photo mode, are allowed. Photoshop or other post-processing is not, but any in-game filters are allowed. You can only enter with one screenshot, so choose your entry carefully.

Yes and then? All entries are judged by an expert jury (read: me), after which the best screenshots are processed in an anonymous poll, so that we can all determine who is the best. How many these there are ultimately depends on the amount of great submissions and who knows, a few PU editors may also secretly participate …

What’s there to win? Eternal fame, creative fulfillment and possibly a spot in August’s Power Unlimited!

Update: The Big PU Screenshot Challenge

In short: install your favorite photogenic game and be the digital tourist. Or maybe you are more of a cyber action photographer, whatever you want is possible. Put it on and good luck!