Updates of the week (12-April-2015).

One more Sunday we return with our list of the most important updates of the week. Here you will know what news and improvements your apps bring and you have an opportunity to see applications and games that you may not know. As always, we recommend that do not activate the option of automatic updates of iOS. It is true that it is more comfortable but sometimes there are new versions that include errors or bugs and it is better not to update. When that happens we will inform you in this section with a non-update alert. Here is the list with the 7 most relevant updates of the week. Keep updated!.

Photo Flashback: Photos Taken on This Day, App with Apple Watch app and Today Widget | Universal | €0.99 | v. 1.4 for iOS8.1+

This version includes a very interesting widget from which you can instantly see the photos taken that day. It also becomes compatible with the Apple Watch.

Updates of the week (12-April-2015)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War | Universal | €4.99 Free | v. 1.1.1 for iOS7+

This excellent game, which has been selected as app of the month by IGN, now adds a free picture book. Take the opportunity to download it now because it is one of the apps that we have brought you in recent days in our lists of free apps for a limited time.

Updates of the week (12-April-2015)

implosion | Universal | 9.99 | v. 1.0.4 for iOS6+

Impressive game with graphics that you won’t believe you’re seeing outside of a traditional console. Music by John Kurlander, Grammy Award Winner and Lord of the Rings Engineer. A superior game in which you have to annihilate aliens to save the human species from extinction. Simply spectacular. Watch the video starting at second 40 to get an idea.

Updates of the week (12-April-2015)

Last Voyage | Universal | €0.99 | v. 1.0.5 for iOS7+

Another great game that hooks and that is getting very good ratings. In it you must solve puzzles whose nature changes throughout its five chapters. Here you have an interesting review by Jaime Rodríguez in Applesencia. This version fixes a problem that prevented many users from rating the app.

Updates of the week (12-April-2015)

Adobe Acrobat DC – PDF Reader | Universal | Free | v. 15.0.0 for iOS8+
NO UPDATE ALERT: Adobe Reader changes its name and is now called Adobe Acrobat DC. This app is for many the best PDF reader and editor for iOS. Unfortunately it seems that the change is causing problems for some customers, who are losing the organization of documents by folders and other problems, which has plummeted their ratings from the previous 4 stars to only 2. Our recommendation is that you wait to upgrade to the next version.

Skywards | Universal | Free | v. 1.4 for iOS5.1.1+

Another addictive game of skill and dexterity from the great Ketchapp. The latest version brings us a new theme and the option to remove ads through an inApp purchase. Let’s see who is able to beat my record of 523 points.

Updates of the week (12-April-2015)

telegram messenger | Universal | Free | v. 2.12 for iOS6.2+

We finish with the best iOS instant messaging app (down with WhatsApp!!), which is updated with important security news that you can find in Settings > Privacy and security: (1) active sessions, where you can check from which devices you have used Telegram and close those sessions remotely and (2) two-step verification. It also says that there is a new preview for tweets, YouTube videos and other content but it doesn’t work for me yet.

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Updates of the week (12-April-2015)