One more week we return with our list of the most important updates of the week. This way you can find out what new features and improvements your apps have and it is an opportunity to see applications and games that you may not know. As always, we recommend that you DO NOT activate the automatic iOS update option. It is true that it is more comfortable but sometimes there are new versions that include errors or bugs and it is better not to update. When that happens we will inform you in that section. And this week there has been a resounding example with the iCab update with which we started the list of 9 most relevant updates of the week. Keep updated!.

1.iCabMobile | Universal | €1.79

This excellent web browser has just released a corrupted version (8.1) to which YOU SHOULD NOT UPDATE, since it causes the app to fail when opened. This link has more information and explains how to fix the bug.

2. Twitterrific 5 for Twitter | Universal | Free

The popular Twitter client brings us interesting new features with version 5.7.2, such as the ability to quickly edit tweets, delete them and create a new one, and some performance improvements. More info here.

3.Flickr | Universal | Free

Although Flickr does not have a native app for iPad, we can use the iPhone one in 2x. Its new version is highly recommended, with improvements to share photos. More info here.

4. Help 2 | Universal | $3.99

One of the best, if not the best Cydia tweak to improve iOS multitasking. This week it was updated to version 1.1 finally adding iPad support. More info here.

5.Skitch | Universal | Free

This app, owned by Evernote, is an essential tool to make annotations and effects on photos easily and quickly. The new version brings improvements to sharing, favorite recipients, captions, rotating images and more. More info here

6. Real Racing 3 | Universal | Free

The best racing game for iPad brings us a new category of vehicles, single-seaters, new cars, and additional customization packages. More info here.

7. Calendars 5 | Universal | €2.69

Reacting to the arrival of Fantastical for iPad, Readdle has updated its calendar app that now includes natural language recognition in Spanish and some other new features. More info here.


8. Oceanhorn Benchmark Edition | Universal | Free but limited to one level

The latest of ours isn’t exactly an update. Oceanhorn has just released a free version of its successful game, which allows us to enjoy its first level before deciding whether to pay the €7.99 that the full app costs. Highly recommended.

9.VLC | Universal | Free

This excellent video player now includes folders, support for HTTP streaming with passwords, disable gesture controls, bold subtitles, and support for m4b, caf, oma, w64 audio, and mxg formats.

other updates. They have also had minor updates Emulsio, Facebook, KMPlayer and DataMan.

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