One more Sunday we return with our list of the most important updates of the week. Here you will know what news and improvements your apps bring and you have an opportunity to see applications and games that you may not know. As always, we recommend that do not activate the option of automatic updates of iOS. It is true that it is more comfortable but sometimes there are new versions that include errors or bugs and it is better not to update. When that happens we will inform you in this section with a non-update alert. Here is the list with the 9 most relevant updates of the week. Keep updated!.

CAPTCHAs have become too complex … for us, not for machines

Brush stroke | Universal | €2.69 Free | v. 2.0.1 for iOS7+

This wonderful application turns your photos into frames of different styles. It has been selected App of the Week by Apple, so you can download it for free for a limited time. This version updates to iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+. It also brings many new features such as new palettes, canvases, and styles.

Chromecast | Universal | Free | v. 1.9.2766 for iOS7+

The Chromecast app for iOS is updated to include the new, minimalist Material Design that is gradually being introduced to all Google apps.

Google Drive | Universal | Free | v. 3.4.0 for iOS7+

Google Drive now includes the option to upload files directly from other sources thanks to iOS 8 extensions.

The fintech startup FINOM grows in Italy and lands in Germany

Call of Duty®: Heroes | Universal | Free | v. 1.2.0 for iOS6+

New Christmas theme, option to decorate your base with flags and statues, hero level cap increases to 25, new chat for veterans (level 4 and above), new drone available, and more. A great game.

PDF Converter | iPad | €5.99 €2.69 | v. 2.2.0 for iOS7+

The app becomes universal for iPhone and iPad and is translated into Spanish. A great app that now has a 55% discount. More info here.

Word Reference Dictionary | Universal | Free | v. 4.0.4 for iOS7+

Wordreference is for me the best free online dictionary. Not only does it include the translation, but it also has a very useful forum with uses and idioms. Now it has just updated its app for iOS, it now introduces an inApp purchase for those who want to eliminate advertising (which on the other hand is not invasive at all).

The European Union, close to a charger standard for all manufacturers

pixelmator | iPad | €8.99 | v. 1.0.2 for iOS8+

This fabulous image editor is one of the privileged apps that was presented in the keynote of the new iPad Air 2. This version improves the Rotation and Opacity tools and includes a new brush.

Wunderlist: To Do List | Universal | Free | v. 3.16 for iOS7+

Significant improvements in what, for me, is the best to-do list app. Now we will have an extension to add elements from other apps and allows us to delete comments. It also becomes compatible with iCloud Keychain so you don’t have to memorize your password.

plague inc. | Universal | €0.99 | v. 1.10.1 for iOS7+

The best Anime games – Animazing

Fun epidemic game. The latest version brings two new scenarios: one of Teleportation and another Christmas in which Santa Claus will spread the spirit of the holidays to boring governments.

Mystery Match | Universal | Free | v. 1.6.1 for iOS6+

Candy Crush style game that brings two new locations (Moscow and Bavaria) and 30 more levels.

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