A few days ago, finally, the new SEGA game for PS3 was released in Japan: ‘Valkyria Chronicles‘ (also known as ‘Valkyrie of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles’), a mix of shooter and strategy RPG.

The people of Gamersyde have taken advantage of the premiere to publish another of their famous “The First 10 minutes” (although it is a saying, because many times they get excited and end up showing one or two hours of gameplay) divided into two parts, with a duration of total that approximates 20 minutes. The downside is that due to bandwidth problems, they don’t allow you to embed their videos at the moment, so you’ll have to settle for streaming them from their website.

‘Valkyria Chronicles’, first minutes of the game

The start of the story could not be more beautiful. Little by little, the tank in which two of the protagonists are mounted, Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott, and the landscape on which they will circulate are drawn. Under a sweet melody, they will show us a succession of images of what we will find in the game (the attack on the city of Gallia, different dialogues from our army and scenes from the invaders) to finally merge the image together with the two again. characters that started the intro video.

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Already in action, we will observe how we change characters in our player phase through the map, and the way we will have to attack. At first the system will seem very clumsy to us, but it’s not the game’s fault, it’s the one who manages it since they haven’t taken control of the game. We will see that it will take time for him to realize how to aim, at which point it will be more effective in terms of eliminating the opponent (if we aim at the head, instant death).

In our player phase we will have a movement limit for each character (bottom bar), so we will have to be very aware of how much we have left to be able to end the turn in a defensive position. And be very careful, because not all of them will have the same size for their scroll bar. Unlike other games, in this phase we can be attacked without having previously launched the attack, just like in the enemy phase we can do the same, as long as we are well placed.

As can be seen in the second video, we can get on a tank. Being such a large unit, the enemy will focus more on it, but at least we will compensate this detail with a great offensive capacity. Our tank will have two vulnerable areas in the rear, while the enemy’s will only have one. Although this is not the case in this game, I imagine that our tank will resist more by having two instead of one.

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Like the Playstation ‘Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth’ (a port for the Nintendo DS was also released), we will be able to move the same unit again after finishing its attack, although in the SEGA game we will achieve it by obtaining some medals according to our performance. An infantry unit will spend only one, while a tank, for example, will spend much more. In this way, the unit that manages the tank repeats the movement to try to get out of the mess it got into and eliminate the other rival tank.

Finally, after having eliminated all the units in the area, the mission will end when the flag is conquered.

I don’t know about you, but I really liked both videos. I liked it before, and now much more. Luckily there are not many months left to enjoy it, since it will arrive in Europe around the month of September.