Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers.

Some players do not like Vanguard.


Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers
  • the anti-cheat system Valorant disables critical programs without notifying the user;
  • in some situations this causes the computer to lock up and even creates the risk of damaging the hardware;
  • the developers promise fixes, but emphasize that they do not want cheaters to enter their game.
  • Some time ago we reported that the anti-cheating program accompanying the Valorant shooter – called Vanguard – is running in the background even when the game is not turned on, which has caused a lot of controversy among players. The developers from the Riot Games studio have made a few corrections to the application, but it seems that more will be necessary, because this is not the end of the problems. Some Reddit forum users they reportthat Vanguard … blocks important programs on their computer, in some situations making it completely unusable, slowing down the hardware or even creating the risk of damaging it.

    Vanguard – Serious Anticheat Problems

    I spent the last three hours wondering why I couldn’t get into Windows because my keyboard and mouse weren’t working. Moments earlier I started to smell the melting plastic – my graphics card was working at 90+ ° C, obviously because Vanguard turned off the cooling software (there is very bad airflow in my computer case, so I have to reduce my GPU’s performance to keep it in suitable temperature).

    Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers

    Vanguard really should prevent us from starting the game if the X software is active – and asking us to shut it down – rather than silently shutting down everything. Even if it requires a reboot, wrote Hugometeo.

    Other players also made a similar request – demand that Vanguard begin asking them for their opinion before blocking another program.

    Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers

    I thought Vanguard was not a problem until it hit me … I experienced a soft-brick (a situation where the device is blocked due to software problems – ed.). None of my peripherals worked, which required a BIOS reboot … It was a bit of an inconvenience, but other people have more problems.

    Regardless of all that, this is a huge problem because Vanguard shouldn’t be doing these things at all … You can’t just turn off programs that people use for other purposes without asking. Riot seems to assume that our computers are only for playing Valorant and we aren’t doing anything else on them.

    Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers

    Vanguard has been introduced to us as an anti-cheat program, but it works much more invasively and aggressively than this type of solution. I don’t understand why they can’t just do something like EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat – Ed) which does a pretty decent job with games that use its license, itsyoboyeden complains.

    Riot Games aware of the problem – there will be fixes

    Developers addressed this issue stating that the notification system is not as good as it could be. We can expect further improvements.

    We are working to make this experience better. Our current notification pop-ups are not as good as they could be and we are looking for ways to give you more control over how Vanguard works.

    Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers

    We are happy to do whatever we can to make this experience more comfortable for everyone, as long as it doesn’t open the door to scammers.

    TL; DR: Expect some improvements ahead of launch, we read.

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  • Valorant – another anticheat problem, this time blocking computers