Raise is an aggressive agent who uses explosive power. She is not very helpful to the team, as in most cases she is focusing on her own KDA (number of killings). Your task is to complicate the opponent’s life in any way (be it C4 explosives or a large rocket launcher).

Bombotron [клавиша C] (200 credits)

Levantar equips the bombotron and launches a projectile that travels in a straight line until it collides with a surface from which it bounces and begins to move in the opposite direction. The projectile will continue to move for longer, but if it still doesn’t detect the target, it will collapse without an explosion.

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If the bombotron detects an enemy, it will set it as a target, increase its speed, and attempt to hit it. If you can do it, an explosion will occur causing massive damage. However, the bot can be destroyed by enemies. Just shoot or escape until it breaks. Both options will not lead to an explosion.

Basically the bombotron is used as a kind of intelligence tool. You can walk through narrow hallways, rooms, or Spike setup points to gather information about the enemy. Even if it’s destroyed, you’ll at least know someone is nearby. Also, if you understand where the enemy was firing from, you can find a more precise position.

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You can also throw a bombotron to dodge an enemy attack, destroy targets, or distract attention as your team moves to a completely different location to set up Spike.

Explosive pack [клавиша Q] (100 credits)

Activate the ability to reset C4, which adheres and stays on surfaces until it explodes or expires. You can choose when the explosion will occur. The shockwave deals damage to the area of ​​effect and also hits opponents lightly in the opposite direction. Explosives don’t harm Raise, so you can drop them under your feet and detonate them. It really is a very useful thing. Particularly suitable for small rooms if opponents are hiding there. Run there, throw the explosives under your feet and explode.

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Pomegranate [клавиша E] (200 credits)

Raise throws a cluster grenade, which after a brief pause is split into three smaller parts. You can click LMB to drop a grenade in a straight line, while RMB lets you throw it. This is definitely one of Raise’s most powerful abilities. You get another explosive device, which can again be thrown through narrow hallways, the area where the bomb was placed, or directly at enemies. This causes considerable damage.

Blowing candles [клавиша X] (6 spheres)

Raise pulls out a rocket launcher and fires a rocket, which initially flies slowly, but gradually increases in speed. As soon as it hits the surface, it explodes and deals massive damage to the area of ​​effect. This is a fairly straightforward skill that doesn’t have a lot of uses. If you were able to determine the location of opponents due to the intelligence abilities of other characters (eg Owls or Cypher), then this is ideal for launching a rocket. If you suspect the enemy is hiding in a tight space just around the corner, just shoot there and you’ll likely get hit by an explosion.

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Source: The Verge