After two months in closed beta, “Valorant”, the tactical shooter from Riot Games, now accessible to all. The beta ended on May 28 and during those days the League of Legends development company put the finishing touches on the launch. You don’t have to watch video game streams or anything like that anymore, just download it and start playing.

It should be noted that to access “Valorant”, it is necessary to create a Compte Riot Games. If you were already playing other titles in the company like ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Legends of Runeterra’, this is a step you can save yourself from, because it is the same. Otherwise, you can do it directly from this link. That said, let’s go with the instructions.

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How to download ‘Valorant’ and recommended requirements

Downloading ‘Valorant’ is extremely easy. Just go to the game’s website and download the executable. “Valorant” is a free game and, as a whole, downloading and reading are free. However, it is possible to spend real money to purchase cosmetic items. These elements do not affect the game beyond a strict aesthetic, as happens in ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Fortnite’, so they are not necessary.

Regarding the requirements, ‘Valorant’ is not a particularly heavy game. In fact, the company claims that any computer that meets the minimum requirements will be able to move the game at 30 FPS, and with the high-end configuration over 144 FPS can be achieved. In the table below, you have detailed everything:

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Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

Intel HD 3000


Intel i3-4150

NVIDIA GeForce GT 730


Intel Core i5-4460 at 3.2 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


Windows 7/8/10 64 bits
4 Go of RAM
1 GB of VRAM memory

If you have played “Valorant” before, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that almost all the progress you made during the closed beta will be erased. In other words, Contracts, Unlocked Agents, and Competitive Rank have all been reset. This way, all players will have unlocked five (out of 11) agents, all of them pending contracts, and will have no rank.


What is being maintained? Closed beta rewardsthat is to say the two titles, the two player cards and the amulet for weapons. the MMR (match index) for public objects. In other words, new players will not have to face the more experienced, because they will be playing with people of their level. By the way, competitive mode is not available at launch.

If you spent money on weapon skins during the Closed Beta, they will also be lost. However, players will be refunded the PV (Points Valorant) corresponding to the purchase and 20% more. In other words, if you have purchased 1,000 points, Riot Games will add 1,200 to your inventory.

News is coming to ‘Valorant’


At this stage, what new features have been implemented in “Valorant” in the final version? For now “Ignition”, episode one. This includes a new agent named Reyna, who joins the grid of ten agents who were already present, and the Ascension card. This way, “Valorant” lands with 11 agents, four cards and 17 weapons. Some sales were also created, a new more relaxed game mode was added, and some sales were created for the game.

Source: Engadget