Valve officially announces Index, its new virtual reality headset

After many leaks and hints, Valve has finally announced Index, its new virtual reality headset for PC. Reservations open today, May 1, and shipments will begin to take place from June.

Index, which has been created for demanding virtual reality users, consists of three new parts: the Index helmet, the wireless controllers and 2.0 charging bases. While Facebook has opted for internal tracking in its recently announced Oculus Rift S, Valve has opted for external tracking, as the company has commented talking to Polygon, because it does not believe that the helmets with built-in sensors are yet developed enough.

The Index helmet has two 1440×1600 LCD screens, and promises “a sharp image with the same rendering cost”, as well as a ‘screen door’ effect (causing many of the dizziness when using this type of technologies) very small. It will run at 120Hz, but it is fully backward compatible with the Vive, which runs at 90Hz (the new Rift S runs at 80Hz by comparison) and promises a 20-degree greater field of view than the Vive.

Valve officially announces Index, its new virtual reality headsetIndex, the new Valve helmet.

Index also features an adjustable physical IPD (Rift S opts for a software solution), off-helmet headphones designed to provide “a more natural sound experience” by interacting with “the geometry of the outer ear and head.” It also includes HMD cameras and a USB 3.0.

As for the new controls, Valve says they have been specifically designed to facilitate open-handed interactions and long game sessions, and to ensure that players can interact with environments, objects and people “just as they do in life. real”. To do this, in addition to the standard buttons, the Index controls are equipped with 87 sensors capable of tracking the position of the hand, fingers, movement and pressure, allowing more natural and realistic movements “instead of relying on abstractions such as triggers. “

You can find all the technical specifications on the official Valve Index website.

At the moment, it is expected that the shipments of Index will begin to be made on June 28, and several of its components will be available both individually and in pack.

Valve officially announces Index, its new virtual reality headsetIndex’s new controls.

But in case you’re wondering, the price of a complete Index kit, which includes a helmet, two controllers and two charging bases, is $ 999. Of course, if you still have HTC Vive or HTC Pro taking up space, keep in mind that there are compatible elements, so you don’t have to buy everything again. Thus, the helmet and controls are available in a pack for $ 749, while the helmet separately is for $ 499, and the controls for $ 279. By comparison, Facebook’s new Oculus Rift S, aimed at a less specialized audience, will be available for $ 399 when it goes on sale on May 21.

If you are interested, Index can start booking from today.