Paradox Interactive today revealed the second full-blooded vampire clan in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodines 2: Tremere! The Tremere are knowledge-obsessed warlocks who unleash devastating blood magic on their enemies.

Watch the new trailer to learn more about the Tremere, their motives and see one of the abilities in action.

Other vampire clans often see the Tremere as hermits, blood witches, or worse. Despite this, the other clans respect the Tremere’s blood magic, turning those who offer their services into valuable (yet uncomfortable) allies. The Tremere began as occultists seeking immortality long before Seattle. Although they found a way to live forever, their blood was linked to magic in return. The origin of this curse has been largely forgotten, but still continues to affect interactions with other Kindred. The Tremere were not allowed to be present in large numbers in Seattle for a long time. At least until now…

The Tremere use powerful blood magic to reveal secrets and unleash shocking attacks. Players who join the Tremere can add two disciplines to their arsenal: Thaumaturgy and Auspex. Thaumaturgy is the Tremere’s signature blood magic that gives them unparalleled destructive power. Auspex expands the senses beyond the limits of the body, leaving nothing hidden from these Warlocks.

Skewer – Launches a small portion of vampire blood at opponents’ feet, where it explodes in a patch of razor-sharp spikes. When they dissolve, a stream of blood flows back to the user.
Purge – Allows the vampire to make victims spit blood, dealing a lot of damage. A stream of blood flows back to the user.
Blood Boil – A Thaumaturgy Master can use Purge a second time on an affected NPC, causing the blood to scorch their veins. The wretch explodes in a few moments; bystanders in a large area are damaged. Blood from each victim flows back to the user.

Using Thaumaturgy in front of witnesses is a Masquerade violation.

Aura Sense – Allows the vampire to see NPCs through walls, read groups of people, and mark individuals to track them from long distances. It also makes it possible to see weaknesses in a chosen NPC’s defenses.
Psychic Projection – Disconnects the mind from the body. Unfettered, they can explore the realm in astral form, remaining free to use Aura Sight to mark any character. In addition, the vampire’s control of their own senses has grown so much that they can telepathically overload the senses of others for a short time.

Using Auspex is not a Masquerade violation.

Players who join the Tremere clan can use these disciplines in addition to the individual powers from their Thinblood past.