It is known that operators like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, they charge customers an upgrade fee each time they purchase a new smartphone under contract, or through payment plans.

In the case of Verizon, the company has been charging $40 to its customers. An additional cost, which the user had to pay when acquiring his new phone, and a plan for two years. However, Verizon has just announced, through an important communication to its clients:

That starting April 4, Verizon will be charging a flat fee of $20 to upgrade most devices purchased for its network. This rate plan will be effective even if customers have paid in full for their previous device or are participating in Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program.

Users are affected by new Verizon rate

“We are implementing our upgrade rate, to help cover the increasing costs of users.” explained the company.

This means, if you have purchased a phone at retail, at a Verizon store. Which means you’ve spent about $650 for a new phone, Verizon will add an extra $20 fee.. This comes as Verizon and AT&T will point out that many people continually change their devices, and since automation systems are very expensive, that’s why they cost an extra $20-$15.

The truth is Verizon You are simply choosing to do the same as your direct competition AT&T. that although it is the second largest airline in the US and biggest competitor to Verizon, but still AT&T’s posted rate is $5 less per phone. And if we talk about Sprint, we will find that they charge up to $36 per phone.

This is undoubtedly not pleasant news for all Apple users. Since they find it convenient, that the only way to avoid this additional payment, would be purchasing their phones at stores like Amazon, Best Buy or finally at Apple stores.

On the other hand, the new update rates are known to have an impact on all consumer accounts, as well as business accounts without an ECPD profile. since if before Verizon charged $40 for a two-year contract. As of April 4, the aforementioned companies will charge an additional $20 each time the customer upgrades their device to a new one.

It is known that the Apple Upgrade Program, allows you to upgrade your device every 12 months for $32.41 per montha change that is only limited by the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plusdespite the launch of the iPhone SE.

For his part, Verizon He has not yet confirmed the news but the document is official. It is not necessary, more than the mobile phone companies make the leaked document official.