Video game studio for Nintendo Switch.

They say that it is always a good time to learn something new, and if you are curious about how video games are created from scratch, video game studio for Nintendo Switch will be your best ally. The software is designed so that anyone can learn to create their own video games, guided by seven interactive lessons from the minds at Nintendo.

After launching exclusively on Nintendo eShop, the digital store for Nintendo Switch, on June 11, Nintendo today announced that Video Game Studio will be available in physical format in Europe, at the usual points of sale, just for back to school , next September 10.

Video game studio for Nintendo Switch

Who is it for?

Children, adults, puzzle fans, people with some knowledge of programming or with absolutely no idea of ​​how a game works inside… with Video Game Studio you don’t need to have previous experience. On the contrary, the game is designed so that learning is very gradual and is articulated in such a way that the basic concepts of programming and computational thinking are introduced in a progressive and entertaining way.

And how it works?

The game quickly introduces some very peculiar beings called nodon, whose collaboration will be essential to create a game from scratch. There are dozens of nodons in Video Game Studio, each with their own personality and playing a specific role within your creations. Pair up the nodons to join forces and make your game a reality. With its help, anyone can go from a blank page to a game prototype in no time.

Video game studio for Nintendo Switch

For example, by connecting a button node with a person node, users will create a humanoid character that knows how to jump every time we press “B”. And this is just the beginning… With around 80 nodons, it is possible to create all kinds of video games, from side-scrolling platformers to racing games to outer space shooters.

Game Studio is entirely visual: there’s no chance of failure, and no cumbersome and complicated lines of code to frustrate would-be coders. Each lesson teaches how to make a small independent video game, each one of a different genre, that the player can try at any time to check and enjoy their progress. The player will often come across questions such as “and how can we make the car turn automatically to the right?” or “what if we wanted this alien to be able to launch projectiles?”, which will force you to use your logical thinking and spark your creativity to find the most appropriate solution.

Video game studio for Nintendo Switch

In addition, between lesson and lesson you will find a Control Point, where problem solving will be tested based on the techniques learned in the previous lesson. Pay close attention to these puzzles! The most ingenious players will surely find some good idea in them to incorporate them into their next video game.

free programming

Once we feel confident, it’s time to bring our ideas to life in the “Free Programming” mode, where users can take advantage of the skills learned in the lessons. Additionally, if users want to seek inspiration, they can trade and download games with family and friends locally or online*. This way they will not only show off their creations, but they will also be able to take a look at the games of other users. It is even possible to use the “Free programming” mode to see how other users’ games have been programmed and learn some other useful tricks.

Video game studio for Nintendo Switch


Game Studio can be controlled with a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller or Pro Controller, and is also compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite**. However, it can also be controlled with a compatible mouse connected to the USB port on the Nintendo Switch dock! This option is ideal for users who prefer to use a mouse when using the program.
Thanks to nodon’s fun interactive lessons and colorful cast, anyone can enjoy learning how to create their own video games with no prior experience required.

Video game studio launches in physical format in Europe on September 10, only for Nintendo Switch. For a closer look at the game, check out the “Dive Deep into the Game Studio (Nintendo Switch)” video. Aspiring game creators who want to try Game Studio can now download the free trial available on Nintendo eShop.

You can see the video in the following LINK.

Video game studio for Nintendo Switch

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