As we all know, the bite it’s a practice that has plagued the gaming industry for a very long time now. Very often developers face huge workloads as a result increase in hours go to the studio to complete a project on the dates set. So that means overtime, absurd working rhythms, little time to spend with relatives or periods when we relax very little.

During this period, we have brought many testimonies on this subject; many developers claimed to have worked for 10 to 12 hours without a break. Of these, for example, former Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games employees who reported working grueling 100-hour shifts a week, or had to work overtime for six months, stand out.

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In a recent interview with IGN, the creators of Empire of Sin, John et Brenda Romero, they spent two words on this practice. In particular, Brenda Romero reports her experience: “ I worked on projects 12 hours a day, everyday, for nine months and it is all just plain gross. No one would be able to keep up these rhythms“. The two authors think that the crisis phenomenon is a complicated problem but still very important: “I think the best scenario is always the one where you control your destiny«Explain Brenda Romero. »Video games are an imperfect art: it is vital anyway to create a margin of time, because it can happen that something which took thirty days of work, now requires forty.« .

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But all this gets complicated if we put the pre-orders in between: ” If you’re in a situation where you’ve pre-ordered and gone through that specific window, the only thing you need to do is reimburse everyone, even if there are some pretty big financial implications.“Unfortunately, however, Romero points out that this culture still risks losing street people their talent that would have made a huge contribution to the video game industry:”In the end, this practice leads a lot to saying “it’s not worth it, there are other ways to make money” and it’s a shame because we are potentially losing talented people who could contribute to development. of this sector« .

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