wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals.

KRAFTON, Inc. has announced as the winner of the PCS5 Europe Grand Finals. On Sunday October 3rd, the Europe East team – consisting of players Dmytro ‘Perfect1ks’ Dubenyuk, Yaroslav ‘spyrro’ Kuvichko, Kirill ‘Lu’ Lukyanov and Alexander ‘BatulinS’ Batulin – secured $52,000 from the prize pool of more than $250,000 after beating 15 other teams and topping the leaderboard.

In addition to winnings from the prize pool, all PCS5 Europe teams will benefit from the Pick’Em Challenge, where 30 percent of net sales from global in-game items will be shared across Europe, Americas, Asia and APAC. showed a strong performance throughout the event and continued the good form they had in winning PCS4 Europe in June. They finished both weekends one and three at the top of the leaderboard, securing the title. wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals

FaZe Clan started the tournament a bit slowly but thanks to their experience they managed to secure second place and $28,500 from the prize pool, closely followed by Question Mark who took third place and took home $26,500.

Natus Vincere’s xmpl, FaZe Clan’s Fexx, and Team Liquid’s mxey were the tournament’s top players with 54 kills each. Xmpl was awarded the Kill Leader for being able to do the highest total damage of the three players. There were also the following other special awards: wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals
  • PCS5 MVP: xmpl
  • All PCS Team: xmpl, Gustav, Perfect1ks and mxey
  • Insane Squad:

Weekly summary of the tournament

Week One: sets the pace wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals went full steam ahead, winning the first game of the finals and topping the week one leaderboard. Despite already qualifying for the PGC, the team showed no signs of slowing down in their pursuit of the second title.

BBL Esports’ Smash impressed fans and pundits alike by dominating the week one damage leaderboard and being named Player of the Week Powered by Alienware. Overall, the group was fairly even with nine teams able to claim at least one win over the weekend – a good starting position for the next two rounds. wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals

Week Two: Natus Vincere takes control

Natus Vincere was also very successful on the second weekend in Eastern Europe. Led by xmpl, which caused the most damage of any week 2 contestant, they dismantled their rivals and took the lead in the table. East Europe teams Tokyo Manji Gang, EXhalatioN and Question Mark also performed well and gave fans the impression of being the strongest region in Europe at the moment.

Experienced teams FaZe Clan and Team Liquid also made life difficult for their opponents with important wins. Despite an increase in performance, FaZe Clan still needed to accumulate more PGC points – a strong result last week was important in securing a qualifying spot for the PUBG Global Championship. wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals

Week Three: An exciting fight to the end, Natus Vincere, BBL Esports and HEROIC topped the leaderboard at the start of last week, all targeting first place. Once again it was who came out on top on Day 5 with a win and 42 kills across the six matches, closely followed by MEA Team Galaktikos who recorded a win and an impressive 39 kills.

Question Mark performed well on a grueling Day 6 by winning two matches while racking up 64 kills. The race for the last PGC qualifier spot for MEA remained exciting until the very end as SMB, Galaktikos and BBL Esports went head to head in the final matches – in the end it was BBL Esports that proved to be too strong for their opponents and came out on top in the last ones secured space. wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals

FaZe Clan also saw a strong finale. Crucial wins in Game 4 and Game 10 ensured the PUBG Esports heavyweights will head to the PGC.

At the start of the final game, Question Mark was topping the leaderboard and it looked like they were about to claim their first ever PCS title. However, an incredible 16 kill win by saw them overtake Question Mark to take first place by just a point. It was an incredibly successful year for the team, which also won ESL Summer and PCS4 Europe. As currently undisputedly the strongest team in Europe, they can look forward to measuring themselves against the best teams in the world at the PGC.

The eight European teams that have now officially qualified for PGC 2021 are as follows:

  • FaZe Clan
  • Natus Vincere
  • TeamLiquid
  • Question mark
  • ENCE
  • BBL Esports

For more information on PUBG Esports, visit the PUBG Esports website, wins PUBG Continental Series 5 Europe Grand Finals